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Jyūbei (獣兵衛) is a character in the anime series Hanyō no Yashahime. He is a corpse dealer running a shop named Shikabaneya.


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He's quite greedy and stingy, keeping the majority of the pay Riku gives him for the bounties Moroha is hired for.

Physical Description

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At the behest of Miroku, he was tasked with raising the young racoon-dog for an unknown purpose and decided to do so by putting him to work. Fourteen years later, he has Takechiyo assist him on errands and keeping an eye on Moroha as he goes off on her bounty-hunting missions.


He keeps insisting that she owes him a debt of an immense fortune for an unknown reason. Moroha makes a living collecting parts of slain yōkai for him. He values her work, but still takes a hefty cut of the bounties she collects, going so far as to deny payment for the head of Tōkotsu when proof of his demise is scattered by Setsuna and Towa. Acknowledging her skill, and perhaps to keep her from being an inconvenient and dangerous presence, he directs her towards other yōkai in need of slaying.


"Well done, Half-Demon Princesses"

"One of the fortresses of a certain commander has been destroyed"

"That is how my business works, after all"


  • He is the first ever human to deal with dead demons since the original anime.
  • According to Takechiyo, his business comes from someone he cannot say "no" to.

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