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The Kōryūha (紅龍破, Crimson Dragon Wave, "Red Dragon Destruction") is a special technique and the signature attack of the yōkai sword Kurikaramaru, currently wielded by Moroha.

Its strength is magnified tenfold due to the much stronger demonic energy when Moroha temporarily becomes Beniyasha. Because it had grown larger, brighter and more effective, it obeys Moroha's strong will alone, as evident in the first season finale.[1]

However, this advancement and boost in its attack damage my have been because of the area was surrounded by Tōga's very spiritual essence; and therefore had given more effective demonic strength to Tōga's youngest granddaughter's unusually strong demonic, Fire-based techniques of her Kurikaramaru, if only for a time. This temporary boost in Moroha's natural demonic energy most likely came from the fact that she had applied her grandfather's remaining drops of blood to her lips that further magnified her physical strength in both her demonic form and Kuikaramaru's attacks/techniques.


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