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Kaede's village (楓の村, かえでのむら, "Kaede no mura") was the village where Kikyō and Kaede lived. Its also the Village where Naraku tricked Kikyō and Inuyasha into betraying each other. It is relatively close to the Bone-Eater's Well, and The Sacred Tree. At the end of the series, Miroku and Sango settled down in their house and had a family there. It is also where Inuyasha and Kagome got married. At the conclusion of the series, Rin stays in this village to learn how to better interact with humans. The village is located in the Musashi Province of feudal Japan.


The village has its first appearance in the first scene of the manga and of the anime, when Inuyasha attacks the village, stealing the Shikon no Tama with the hopes of becoming a full-fledged demon. Before he has a chance, Kikyō shoots him with a sacred arrow, binding him to The Sacred Tree. Suffering from deep wounds, Kikyō dies moments after sealing Inuyasha, her last wish to Kaede being to burn the jewel with her body so that no one can abuse it ever again.

Some five-hundred years later, Kagome is pulled into the Bone-Eater's Well by Mistress Centipede, and comes out of the well, finding herself in the past. After finding Inuyasha bound to the sacred tree, she's taken to Kaede's village, where the plot begins to unfold and the story begins. It is perhaps the most frequently visited location in the series.

In the village also lives Rikichi that help Kaede in danger situations, and cultivate the vegetable gardens.

In an anime special, (Episodes 147 and 148) much more of the village is shown than in the manga, as this episode delves into many unanswered questions like how Kaede lost her eye, why Kikyō received the job of guarding the sacred jewel, and more closely telling the story of how Inuyasha and Kikyō fell in love.

The bandit Onigumo resided in a cave that was near the village. It was within the cave he was kept in that he sacrificed demons to himself, thus creating Naraku.

The Village is also where Sesshōmaru made his very first appearance to Inuyasha in the series, the place where Rōyakan was sent by Naraku to kill Inuyasha, and where Musō regains his memories as Onigumo.

In the final battle, Naraku crashes his dying body into the village in a last-ditch effort to kill all his enemies, as well as to get revenge because Onigumo's heart (which is inside Naraku) still has a grudge against the village itself.


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