Kagerōmaru (影郎丸かげろうまる, "Shadow Perfection") was the fifth incarnation of Naraku created for killing Inuyasha, and is also the demon who lives inside his younger brother Jūrōmaru.


In the manga, Kagerōmaru's first action upon birth was to decapitate Naraku. He then killed a human retainer who blundered into the scene and dragged his body back into the pot the incarnation was birthed from. Naraku took the chance to squeeze his heart as punishment. Unknown to both, Kagura had been watching from the shadows, annoyed decapitation won't kill Naraku.

Upon Jūrōmaru's introduction, it is obvious that Kagerōmaru is the one, and only one, who seems to have control of Jūrōmaru, due to Jūrōmaru immediately slaying his "master" (Naraku's demon puppet) once his shackles were removed. Initially, Kagerōmaru and Jūrōmaru are able to overwhelm Inuyasha and Kōga in battle due to their unpredictable movements and abilities, with Kagerōmaru diving underground and then back above ground with astounding speed. Later on however, Kagerōmaru is considerably slowed down by a miasma that Sango injects into the ground. Kagerōmaru is then kicked by Kōga, and finished off by Inuyasha with a Tessaiga's slash.[1]

Powers & Abilities

  • Keen Intellect: Kagerōmaru appears to have a crafty, sinister intelligence, which he uses to his advantage over the rather hot-headed Kōga and Inuyasha. This makes him much more dangerous than his host/brother, Jūrōmaru, who is more of a puppet with limited consciousness.
  • Digging: Kagerōmaru has the ability to dig deep in the soil, and pop up out of the ground at any given time.
  • Enhanced Speed: Kagerōmaru, as well as his brother Jūrōmaru, have superior speed. However, Kagerōmaru's speed is arguably at least twice as fast as Jūrōmaru's.


  • Unlike Naraku's other incarnations, Kagerōmaru doesn't have a spider burn mark on his back.
  • He and Goshinki are the only incarnations of Naraku to not have human forms.
  • His and Jūrōmaro's seiyū would then voice Yotsume in Hanyō no Yashahime.

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