Kagewaki Hitomi (人見蔭刀ひとみかげわき) was the only son of Nagasaki Hitomi, a daimyō.


Kagewaki and Naraku

Kagewaki and Naraku.

Naraku needed a temporary body to remain in the world, search for the Shikon shards and manipulate those around him. So, through an insidious plot, he took advantage of the young Kagewaki's position and killed him to assume his identity. Kagewaki's father was also possessed and then killed by Naraku while he was disguised as Kagewaki. Kagewaki's position also helped him with tricking Sango into believing that Inuyasha was responsible for the death of her clan. He used a Kugutsu to pose as his real identity while he was disguised as Kagewaki. Although Naraku changed bodies throughout the series, he kept Kagewaki's cool face, and voice in the anime.

Physical description[]

Manga vs. anime[]

  • Although he often stayed in his room due to poor health, he had a keen sense of perception, such as when he noticed that his father is possessed by a demon. He held a memorial service for the exterminators who lost their lives due to Naraku's schemes, and helped Sango survive. In the manga, this is a play by Naraku, but in the anime it is changed to an act carried out by that human.
  • In the manga, he is murdered by Naraku when he first appeared, while in the anime version after setting out to avenge Sango.


  • His seiyū, Toshiyuki Morikawa, later provided the voice for Otobe from Rumiko Takahashi's newest series Rin-ne.
  • The true Kagewaki never appears at any point in the story, as Naraku having assumed his identity before the reader is introduced to him.
  • In chapter 452, the soul of Onigumo appears as having a face similar to Kagewaki, but with long ghostly hair. The reason behind this is unknown.

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