This article is about the wife of Akitoki Hōjō. You may be looking for the main heroine Kagome Higurashi.

Kagome Hōjō (北条ほうじょうかごめ, "Birdcage (first name), North Line (family name)"), or previously known as Suzaku (朱雀すざく, "Vermilion Bird") was the wife of Akitoki Hōjō.


Sengoku era

Kagome (named Suzaku at the time) met Akitoki Hōjō when she was traveling with her father. They were traveling on opposite ends of a path when Akitoki noticed her and immediately approached her. Because he had been a victim of another Suzaku, Akitoki asked her to change her name to 'Kagome'. He claimed it was not a name suited for her beauty. He then suggested that they travel together (even though he was traveling opposite of her).

Modern era

"Kagome" in Japanese on the Hōjō family tree scroll, next to Akitoki.

Her changed name, as revealed on the family tree of their descendant, caused the present day Kagome Higurashi to wonder if she might end up as the wife of Akitoki.

Physical description

She has a pretty strong resemblance to Kagome, which is what possibly attracted Akitoki to her in the first place. She has somewhat pale skin and long black hair in a similar style to Kagome's. One difference between her and Kagome Higurashi is that Kagome Hōjō has freckles on her face.


  • Kagome Hōjō doesn't actually appear during Episode 140; she only appears after the end credits.


  1. In the anime only