Kanade (かなで, "Play Music") was the guardian miko of Hōraijima, a place where demons and humans lived in harmony, and consequently the birthplace of many hanyō.


Every fifty years, the Time Barrier around Hōraijima would weaken, and yōkai from the mainland would attack. Among the bloodthirsty horde, were the Four War Gods. Kanade fought during those battles and managed to seal the War Gods' powers in four spheres in her comb box, before throwing herself into the Cauldron of Resonance, at the cost of her life. Unfortunately, the Four War Gods figured that by throwing half-demons into the cauldron, they could regain a small portion of their powers.

During the story

Many years later, she reappeared as a glowing green firefly at the bottom of the Cauldron of Resonance when Inuyasha and Asagi were thrown into it, as she was surprised that one half-demon have survived as Inuyasha tells her that the Robe of the Fire-Rat have protected him. After the story, she was surprised that the gate is opening, but then Kanade tells Inuyasha that the cauldron has absorb his demonic power. In return, she asked him to save the children that are on the island. So she gave Inuyasha her blessings and the little that remains of her life force in order to allow him to escape the cauldron. She also gave him the container holding the power of the Four War Gods. But before that, she gave Inuyasha her comb box that she guarded it until now, and before they escape with Inuyasha's Kongōsōha, Kanade tells Asagi to forgive her as she made the wrong path and pray for her happiness.


Kanade cares very much of the children of Hōraijima. She wishes for Asagi and the others to have a happy life and expresses regret of the fact that they are forced to be sacrificed by the Shitōshin.

Powers & Abilities

Kanade is powerful enough to seal away the true powers of the Shitōshin.


  • Sword: TBA
  • Her comb box (formerly): A jeweled box that she sealed the spheres inside. But it has a barrier around it, so the Shitōshin can't open it.


"I shall pass on what little life I have left. In exchange, save these children."


  • She mainly appears in the movie as a glowing green firefly that speaks.
  • The meaning of Kanade's name, "play music," likely refers to the song that she taught to the children of the island.


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