The Kanemitsu no Tomoe (兼光かねみつともえ) is/was a naginata wielded by the inu-hanyō Setsuna, who took from its previous wielder some years ago as her own.


The naginata is of human-made and originally belonged to the moth yōkai Gaga Gozen until Setsuna slayed him. Miroku then used the weapon as a medium to seal Setsuna's awakened demon blood and since then it has become her primary weapon.[1]

Its dual blades of Air and Water was ultimately shattered during a battle with Kirinmaru that unfortunately claimed the life of Setsuna as well, making its final use as it is replaced by the powerful blood sword that Setsuna comes to freely manifest on her own after her resurrection.[2][3]

Physical description

Kanemitsu no Tomoe is a pole weapon consisting of a curved single-edged blade mounted on a dark purple shaft with a golden tsuba (handguard). It has a white fur tassel attached to the tsuba and a golden pommel. The weapon stands taller than Setsuna.

Red Kanemitsu no Tomoe

In Sesshōmaru's Daughter, Kanemitsu no Tomoe becomes red for a short time, when Setsuna infuses more yōki from her Blood Blade.[2]

Powers & Abilities

  • Yadori Ga no Tsuki (宿やどつき, "Moon of the Resting Moth") (formerly): A swarm of light moths that release sleep spores that causes subjects to fall asleep. However, it has no effect on those who've been cursed by the Dream Butterfly. After the Dream Butterfly have been cut by Sesshōmaru's Tenseiga, it is unknown that she'll use it that it'll effect her without the Dream Butterfly.

Specialized Abilities

  • Senpū-jin (旋風陣せんぷうじん, Cyclone Burst, "Whirlwind Battle Formation"): By spinning the naginata rapidly above her head, Setsuna can create a massive cyclone of wind, sucking enemies into it and inflicting major damage. It can also function as a projectile attack by spinning the naginata towards her opponent. It is from the dagger that had said "cut the wind."
  • Muretachi no Tsubame (ちのツバメ, Flock of Swallows, "Scourge of Swallows"): By slashing the air, Setsuna can unleash a barrage of green yōkai energy in the form of swallows towards her opponent. It originates from the dagger that had said "cut water."

Temporary Combined Abilities

  • Flaming Kanemitsu no Tomoe: Setsuna temporary gained a flaming Kanemitsu no Tomoe after absorbing the fire from the conjoined twin yōkai Kinka. At the same time, its unique abilities were also enhanced with the flames. Following the defeat of Joka, it was never used again, as Kinka had soon died. This is a reenactment of Inuyasha doing so with his Tessaiga in the manga.


  • A Tomoe is a famous Japanese symbol, commonly used as for shrines and symbols of archery. It can mean to hope, to expect or be anxious over.
  • Much like that of Tessaiga for Inuyasha, the Kanemitsu no Tomoe is used as a medium to seal Setsuna's innermost dog-demon blood. But while Tessaiga is a demonic weapon forged by Tōga's fang and has a wide array of attacks that cannot be used by Inuyasha on his own, Kanemitsu no Tomoe is a human-made weapon and merely acts as a means for Setsuna to channel her powers as The Hidden Village for Half-Demons showed that Setsuna's attacks which she developed from a young age are produced by her own demonic power.
  • Setsuna most likely added the fur tassel following her acquisition as it didn't have the accessory when Gaga Gozen possessed it.


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