Don't let up, Kanna. Not until Tessaiga is broken. You know that is the reason you were born.


Kanna (神無かんな, "God of Nothingness") was the first incarnation of Naraku created with the only purpose of destroying Inuyasha's sword, the powerful Tessaiga. As a "concealed incarnation" of Naraku, Kanna had no scent and no demonic aura, making her undetectable to Inuyasha's senses and was also immune to demonic aura-related effects such as the Mount Hakurei barrier. Kanna was the only incarnation that Naraku trusted with important information about his actions, allowing her to give orders in his place. Even though she was a void, she still had her own emotion of sadness that she could not express. She was created from Naraku after he had gathered enough Shikon Jewel shards to make him strong enough to make incarnations. She remained loyal until the very end and never even considered betraying Naraku.[2] She killed herself following the orders of Naraku.


In the beginning[]

Born in Naraku's bedroom, Kanna was seen walking with mirror and some Saimyōshō towards a village, where she stole the souls of the inhabitants and turned them against Inuyasha and his friends. She was also tasked to take the Shikon Jewel fragment from Kagome but was unable to do so when her mirror almost burst, unable to contain Kagome's soul. When Kagome fired one of her arrows into the mirror, Kanna was forced to release the villagers' and Sango's souls or risk its destruction. She disappeared along with Naraku and Kagura.

After her initial appearance, she used her mirror to spy on various things for Naraku.

Kaguya's servant[]

When Naraku was believed to have been destroyed, Kanna and Kagura ventured off to free the celestial being Kaguya. She lead Kagura to a shrine with the mirror that Kaguya was imprisoned in at the Forest of Illusion. She used her own mirror to awaken Kaguya. She and Kagura went off to find the five treasures that were needed to set Kaguya free.

They obtained the Jeweled Branch of Hōrai and the Jewel of the Dragon's Neck before confronting Inuyasha to obtain his Robe of the Fire-Rat. Kagura was able to slice Inuyasha's left sleeve off his robe with her Dance of Blades. Inuyasha tried to fight back, but Kanna used Kaguya's mirror to create a black hole that reflected his Bakuryūha. Inuyasha was saved after Kagome used her "sit" command on him so he could dodge the attack.

Kaguya was set free after the last two treasures, the Swallow's Cowrie Shell and the Stone Begging Bowl of Buddha, were obtained. Kagura soon learned from Kanna that Kaguya was actually a yōkai that devoured the real celestial being. Kaguya was soon confronted by the two of them. Kanna attempted to use her mirror to absorb Kaguya's soul, but was unsuccessful due to Kaguya being in possession of the Celestial Robe. She used her powers to banish Kanna and Kagura from the castle and caused them to plunge deep below into a huge body of water. It was later revealed that Kanna's initial effort to free Kaguya was all part of Naraku's trap so he could absorb Kaguya and her powers, but she was able to repel him with her mirror. Inuyasha was able to destroy Kaguya's body with Kagome's help, and her essence was sucked into Miroku's Kazaana.

Shichinintai arc[]

After Inuyasha was able to destroy Naraku's barrier he retreated to the sacred mountain, Mount Hakurei, but not before resurrecting the Band of Seven and recruited the mummified saint Hakushin to add additional reinforcement. With Hakushin, Naraku created the sacred barrier to mask himself within the mountain, and expel his human heart out of him to become invincible. Since Hakushin's holy barrier prevented Naraku, Kagura and all other demons inside the mountain from leaving, Kanna, having no demonic aura, was used along with Kohaku to give Naraku's orders to the Band of Seven. She also told Bankotsu how to make his weapon stronger by embedding the Shikon fragments in its blade.

During the time that Inuyasha battles in the middle of the mountain, Kanna informed Kagura that Miroku and Sango had entered the mountain and were trying to find Naraku. Later, after Naraku's new body was formed, Kagura takes the Infant to safety, while Kanna remained with Naraku until he successfully expelled Onigumo's heart.

Akago arc[]

Kanna's next task was to use the tainted Shikon Shard to control Kagome at the mountainside temple, a scheme that was once used by Tsubaki. Kagome, however, still maintained her heart and rejected the shard. Kanna escaped along with the baby and Kagura on Kagura's plume.

When the baby was cut in half, Kanna took one of the halves that regenerated and told Kagura to take the one that would regrow into Hakudōshi, saying that the Infant splitting in half was meant to be. Later, at a castle-town, a royal woman has a still-birth. Kanna then steals the souls of the vassals surrounding the woman, leaving only the mother alive. Kanna, along with Kohaku, gave the Infant to the woman, telling her that her child is actually alive, then wiping her memories. Naraku instructs Kanna and Kohaku to stay in the village, and protect the infant at all costs.

After princess Abi attacks the castle, Naraku realizes his heart (the Infant) is no longer safe at the castle. He ordered Kohaku to slay every inhabitant and Kanna to suck out their souls to prevent Inuyasha group from finding any information about Naraku's heart, or that the baby survived. After leaving the castle, Kanna took the Infant and hid in a cave high up in a cliff wall. During this time, she was given Mōryōmaru by Hakudōshi. Later on while holding Naraku's heart, Kanna ran into Kikyō on an unnamed mountain area while making another escape and is attacked by Kikyō's sacred arrow. The baby was later given to Mōryōmaru, who killed and absorbed Goryōmaru per Naraku's command.

While the rest of her siblings chose to betray Naraku, she was the one of the only ones who remained loyal to him. She felt sorry for Kagura because she had no real freedom.

Discovering her own heart[]

I have... I have nothing. I have nothing.

After Hakudōshi and Kagura's deaths and Byakuya's creation, she was ordered by Naraku to pretend to help Mōryōmaru strengthen his armor, telling him about twin demons, whose blood would make the armor even stronger. Naraku knew that the Infant couldn't read her mind due to the thought she doesn't have heart, which is later proven not true. After this, Kanna remained unseen, as Naraku had no use for her at the time. In the anime, Kanna had no appearances after the deaths of her siblings, until episode 177.

Following the death of Kikyō, Kanna ventured to the flower field where Kagura had died at, reciting a poem as it rained. She found Kagura's fan, holding it and wondering if Kagura now had her freedom and had finally become the wind. It was at this time, Kanna realized she had nothing herself. Kanna walked off in the rain, until she saw a glistening pond by night fall. She tossed the fan into the water, bidding farewell to her sister; it would seem Kanna was indeed fond of Kagura. Byakuya of the Dreams arrived soon after, with an order from Naraku. She was to lure in Inuyasha's group and unleash her mirror.

In the manga, Kanna never performed a memorial for Kagura. She was waiting in a tree for orders when a gust of wind blew. She thought it was Kagura, but it was Byakuya with the same order.

Kanna's end[]

"Fools. Do they pity Kanna? But Kanna cannot feel a thing, be it pain, fear or sorrow. She cannot even understand the reason for your pity."
Inuyasha vs Kanna

Inuyasha vs. Kanna and her transformed mirror.

It becomes clear that she was fated to die by Naraku when she finally started to express her emotions: he reveals that her only purpose for existence is to destroy Tessaiga. In chapter 478, Kanna becomes more dangerous than anyone ever expected. As instructed, she releases her mirror's true power, transforming it into a powerful demon made of glass that follows her commands.

The glass demon copies the power of Tessaiga, robbing it of nearly all of its powers, including the Kaze no Kizu, Red Tessaiga, the Dragon-Scale power, and the Kongōsōha, leaving the real Tessaiga nothing more than an apparent shell. It also appears that if the glass demon is hurt, the injuries are inflicted on Kanna since a black mark appeared on her neck after Kagome's arrow struck the glass demon in the same place with no apparent effect on it, and the same thing occurred when Inuyasha struck the glass demon's left shoulder, which turns the demon into a fighting voodoo doll.

Naraku destroy her heart

Kanna's heart in Naraku's hands (anime only).

When the group finds Kanna, she fires a ray of light from the sky down at Inuyasha. He reflects it with Tessaiga back at the glass demon. Kanna continues to receive damage to herself and the Tessaiga cracks from all of the light blasts. Kagome deduces that Kanna was ordered by Naraku to sacrifice her life in order to break Tessaiga. Because she continued to take most of the mirror demon's damage, Kanna indirectly loses her left hand and right arm during the battle; she also lost eyesight in her right eye. With her mirror defeated with difficulty, Kanna is allowed to leave by Inuyasha's group, who tell her she's free: the very mention of freedom makes Kanna think of Kagura. In chapter 480, she was forced to die at Naraku's command, by shattering herself and the glass demon into hundreds of shards. In the anime only, he personally destroys her heart when Kagome tried getting closer to hear Kanna when she was saying something. A shard manages to hit Kagome's right eye and through the shard, Kanna communicates to her the secret to defeating Naraku.

In the manga, Kanna has never shown signs of betrayal to Naraku and was his most loyal, trustworthy detachment, besides Byakuya. In the anime though, it starts to appear sometime during the time Kagura left.

Although Naraku had commented upon Kanna's death that she had no thoughts and feelings: it was assumed that she did not care about either living or dying. However, after Kanna had communicated with Kagome just prior to her death, Kagome stated Kanna did not want to die and had feelings of her own. Kagome continues her wish to defeat Naraku and finally allows Kanna to rest in peace. The several shards of glass were then all melted away.

Final death[]

Kanna as Tenseiga

Kanna's spirit in the form of Tenseiga.

Even in death, Kanna renews her infamous feud with Inuyasha and proves to be a powerful enemy. Naraku managed to retrieve a fragment of Kanna's mirror demon not yet melted away and instructed Byakuya to give it to Sesshōmaru. Once the shard memento was crushed and sprinkled over Tenseiga, it allowed the mystical blade to copy/steal Tessaiga's abilities just as the Mirror demon itself had done. Even though Sesshōmaru knows the plan is a Naraku's trap, he decides that it may benefit him as well.

Kanna final death

Kanna's death for Tessaiga.

So, Kanna's spirit was reborned in the form of Tenseiga against Tessaiga in Naraku's plan to have Sesshōmaru kill Inuyasha. Because Sesshōmaru's discarded Tenseiga is covered in Kanna's mirror shard, Naraku is able to control it to fight against Inuyasha. In the anime-only, Naraku can also speak from the sword and his face is reflected on the blade. However, the last shard was blasted away by Sesshōmaru breaking Tenseiga against Tessaiga, which then absorbed the complete Meidō Zangetsuha technique. This was Kanna's final death, and her fate with Inuyasha's sword is broken.

At the end, instead of destroy Tessaiga in a dangerous mission placed by Naraku, Kanna's post death fate had only helped Inuyasha to realize his father's last will: to reunite Inuyasha's Tessaiga and Sesshōmaru's Tenseiga in a single sword for the half-demon son.


Kanna originally had barely any sense of self, doing as Naraku ordered of her. She knew Naraku could kill her and Kagura at any time he wished: "It's in Naraku's hands, both life and death." As she harbored no ill will towards her creator, she was trusted above all her siblings, being allowed to give Kagura and Kohaku orders from him. She Spoke softly and was always expressionless, the least irritating of Naraku's detachments. Despite Naraku believing she wouldn't develop a will or emotions of her own, Kanna eventually did and began to question her own existence. Her bond with Kagura was the only reason Kanna betrayed Naraku in the anime only; letting Kagome know the light in the Shikon Jewel could kill him was Kanna's way of avenging Kagura.

She appeared to have an ear for poetry, reciting some of the poems in the second movie. Kanna recites the same poem twice in episode 168 and another one in episode 177. Each poem reflected something from each episode, such as Kagura's desire for freedom and questioning her own existence.

Physical description[]

Kanna official character design

Kanna's full body artwork.

Kanna appears as a a young girl, approximately 10-year-old, She has pale skin, white hair with two white camellia flowers on either side, and black eyes with no irises. She wears a white dress with white bow ties on both sides of the chest, and the sleeves. In the anime, she wears white sandals. Being Naraku's first incarnation, she presumably has the spider shaped scar on her back like Kagura does. She is almost never seem without her mirror, which she she carries by placing her left hand on top of it and her right hand on the bottom.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Imperceptibility: Because Kanna was a nihility demon, she possessed no scent or jaki (demonic aura), making it impossible to detect her without actually seeing her.
    • Spiritual power immunity: Another benefit of this property was that she was completely, or nearly completely, unaffected by spiritual powers. During the Shichinintai arc, she was able to wander freely inside of St. Hakushin's purifying barrier while Naraku, Kagura, and Naraku's minions were confined to Mount Hakurei's interior.
  • Teleportation: Kanna could disappear and reappear at will indicating that, like Naraku, she also had the ability to teleport. Naraku took advantage of this by using her as a spy and sending her on secret errands. She could apparently also teleport at least two others along with herself such as the Infant and Mōryōmaru when she made her escape from Kikyō.


  • Demonic mirror (destroyed): Kanna carried a special mirror that possesses multiple abilities that aids her in combat and carrying out Naraku's orders.
    • Soul absorption: The primary ability of this mirror is that it steal the souls of those reflected in it. However, the mirror could be overwhelmed by an especially powerful soul such as Kagome's or Kikyō's incarnated soul. It couldn't steal souls from those who wear powerful items such as the Celestial Robe.
      • Body manipulation: Once a soul was trapped by her mirror, Kanna could control that person's body to carry out her bidding.
    • Saimyōshō observation: It could also allow her to display what the Saimyōshō are seeing or anything being reflected by a mirror-like surface.
    • Reflection: It can also reflect almost any attack back at the sender. it can repel the Wind Scar, but not sacred arrows as they are powered by soul and thus would be swallowed into the mirror.
    • Mirror demon manifestation: The mirror could also create a glass demon to copy the abilities of whatever it reflects, though Kanna herself suffered damage when the glass demon was wounded, making it a walking voodoo doll.
      • Light beams: Also when Kanna had summoned the glass monster she could create a shadow of her mirror to shoot rays of light at her opponent but if something is sent into the mirror's shadow, the mirror itself breaks.
      • Reflection barrier: She could also use the mirror's shadow to create a powerful barrier that reflected any attack back.

Kanna's spirit into Tenseiga's new blade.

  • Tessaiga replication: When Kanna created the demon to fight against Inuyasha's group, it copied the Tessaiga's form and abilities which also stole its abilities as well leaving demonic sword without demonic energy. However the stolen powers can be returned if it was struck by the original Tessaiga due to its demonic energy absorption ability and reclaimed if this replication is destroyed.
    • Fang form: After reflecting the Tessaiga on a mirror sword it created the fang form of Tessaiga is copied on it which allows the demon to use a replica of Tessaiga.
    • Wind Scar: After copying Tessaiga's form the mirror demon demonstrated the use of the Wind Scar.
    • Red Tessaiga form: The copied Tessaiga can also transform into the Red Tessaiga when needed.
    • Barrier shattering: The primary ability of this form is that it can break demonic barriers which it strikes them though only the strongest barriers are able to withstand it. As the new Tenseiga, it can only show in the anime version.
      • Diamond Tessaiga form: It can also transform into the Diamond Tessaiga to make use of the demonic diamonds bestowed on the Tessaiga by Hōsenki I.
        • Adamant Barrage: While in this form the replication can use the Adamant Barrage which creates a powerful barrage of demonic diamonds capable of breaking the strongest barriers. And since her spirit was reborned as Tenseiga, Naraku ambushed Inuyasha with the Kongōsōha on his back and it has the miasma on it, just like Mōryōmaru did.
    • Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga form: The copied Tessaiga can also transform into the Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga from the yōkai sword Dakki.
    • Backlash Wave: As the new Tenseiga, but only in the anime version.
    • Meidō Zangetsuha: As the original Tenseiga, not steal from Tessaiga.
  • Mirror of Life (briefly): Kanna holds two mirrors, her own mirror and the Mirror of Life that Kaguya has been sealed.
    • Black hole: Arguably Kaguya's greatest defensive and offensive spell. It summons a large black sphere that resembles a black hole.


  • Link to the mirror demon/cracking: As Inuyasha tried to destroy the mirror demon, as it regenerate then the trail of demonic aura that lead to Kanna and caused her to cracks in her different body.




Kanna is seen throughout the series as the most trusted of Naraku's incarnations. Kanna's mindless, soulless actions and personality make her a very valuable minion to Naraku. She does not complain or wander or think for herself like all of the other incarnations of the series. This is confirmed when she states to Kagura that "We are nothing more than Naraku's tools." In the beginning, he entrusts Kanna with stealing Kagome's soul, in order to put an end to her troublesome spiritual powers. Later in the series he trusts her with duties he thinks are unfit for Kagura, such as accompanying Kohaku while running Naraku's errands during the Band-of-Seven arc, and caring for the Infant, who is later discovered to be Naraku's heart. In the anime only, after Kagura's death at Naraku's hands, Kanna begins to think about the meaning of her life and the possibility of her freedom. In the end, Naraku tries to sacrifice her in order to kill Inuyasha and his friends, but Kanna purposely fails in her last action and tells Kagome the secret to destroying Naraku for good.

Kagura and Kanna

Kanna and Kagura.

Although never stated, it is possible that Kagura and Kanna are very close, as Kagura never had any ill thoughts about Kanna, but we do know she had unkind thoughts of Goshinki, Musō, the Infant, and especially of Hakudōshi. In addition, Kanna sometimes seems to show concern for Kagura's well-being, such as warning her when it is unwise to defy Naraku. Kanna and Kagura's possible closeness is supported in the second movie, in that even after Naraku's "death", they remain together as opposed to parting ways after they both have their freedom. In the anime only, it is also possible Kagura's betrayal and death inspired Kanna to betray Naraku. She finds Kagura's fan in a field of flowers and, looking at it, wonders aloud if Kagura gained her freedom and became the wind. Kanna later drops the fan into a lake, saying her last farewell to her sister. Kagura's death may have also caused Kanna to question her existence: when her death and "freedom" drew close, Kanna said Kagura's name in response. They are the first two incarnations of Naraku, and both of them live the longest as compared to all the other incarnations, many of which are killed after their first encounters with Inuyasha and his friends.



Inuyasha is the reason she was born, to brake his Tessaiga. During their first battle, Kanna easy reflected the Wind Scar, Tessaiga's special technique, back at Inuyasha, who is injured by the blast of wind blasted back at him and nearly killed. Inuyasha managed to survive because Tessaiga protected his life, but he was dismal that his sword was beaten. Even though she is a little girl and clearly not capable of physical combat, both in her first and last battle with Inuyasha she came very close to killing him.

Kagome Higurashi

Kagome and Kanna never had much of a relationship mainly because they rarely encountered each other. But as the series progressed and after Kagura died, Kagome became more worried about Kanna. As shown during Kanna's final battle, when Kanna unleashed a mirror shadow on Inuyasha, Kagome warned Kanna about shooting the opening and when she died, Kagome screamed Kanna's name in clear disbelief. And after she died, Kanna spoke her last words to Kagome, telling her about the light that can kill Naraku. In the end, Kagome felt deep remorse over Kanna's death and expressed her deepest sympathy for her.

Manga vs. anime[]

  • Kanna is given more characteristics in the anime than manga, as the reason for her to betray Naraku was because of Kagura. It is revealed that she starts to develop her own emotions over time and before she dies, she gives a smile because she finally has her own freedom. Also, when Naraku orders Kanna to walk toward Inuyasha's group to kill them, she instead stands still and refuses, proving that she does indeed have her own heart.


"Your soul is mine."

"Her soul...won't be contained."

"The longer I endure this world, the more beautiful the midnight moon."

"Flowers wither and lose their color, much as I reflect in vain time lost to the long rain."

"Kagura, are you free now..? Did you ever... Become the wind?"

"Kagome...the light...the light will kill Naraku."

"As I pass through the lengthy struggle of life in this fleeting world, I cannot help but long for the midnight moon I once saw."


"It's in Naraku's hands. Both life and death."

"We are all merely Naraku's tools..."


  • Kanna is the longest surviving detachment of Naraku's, outlasting all other incarnations except Byakuya, who was created shortly before her death.
  • Kanna's fate about her creation and final death in the form of Sesshōmaru's new sword against Tessaiga is just like her younger brother Goshinki's.
  • Her Korean voice actor, Oh Joo-yeon, also played young Kaede.
  • Kanna wears her sandals in her initial appearance chapters of the manga (146-152). But in all subsequent appearances, she is barefoot (except for one occasion which she had her sandals on in chapter 336). While, in the anime, Kanna wears her sandals in most of her appearances throughout both TV series.
  • Coincidentally, Kanna shares her name with a two-year period of Japanese history, lasting from April 985 to April 987.

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