Kappa (河童かっぱ, "River Child"), or Kawako, is a type of aquatic yōkai or water deity that inhabits the rivers in rural Japan. They typically wear bowls or plates on their head that if dropped will cause them to lose their powers.

Sha Gojyo's descendant, a more traditional Kappa.

A kappa, Sha Gojyo's descendant said to be a descendant of the legendary character homonymous from Journey to the West, appears as a minor antagonist and together with Son Goku's descendant, a servant of Chokyūkai and is helping him find a bride.

Kagome's grandfather gave her an alleged mummified foot of a kappa for her early 15th birthday, but she doesn't accept and gives to Buyo.

In Gateway to the Past, Grandpa Higurashi gifted his great-granddaughter, Moroha a mummified kappa's foot as a gift in which she accepts and has kept since then.

Notable kappa


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