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Kikujūmonji (菊十文字きくじゅうもんじ) is a sword wielded by the Dog-hanyō Towa Higurashi. However, it is an imitation of the genuine katana as it had broken with ease.

Physical Description

The Kikujūmonji originally brought by Towa is a plain looking uchigatana with a brass-colored circular tsuba (guard) and kashira (pommel), and a red tsuka (wrap). The blade seems to have no hamon (temper line) or hi (fuller). Following battle with Mistress Three-Eyes, it is currently broken a quarter of the way from the tsuba. Towa apparently has not kept the remainder of the blade.

Towa is later given what appears to be the real Kikujūmonji, which has the hamon and hi expected of a genuine blade.


Legend says it once belonged to the esteemed shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru (足利義輝). However, the one wielded by Towa Higurashi is revealed to be a mere replica given to the Higurashis on loan from a museum.[1]

Towa later receives from Riku what appears to be the real Kikujūmonji, recently stolen from Deputy Shogun Ogigayatsu, though it is quickly recovered by his retainers.[2]

Powers & Abilities


While the blade was merely normal steel, Towa can use her yōki to create a blade strong enough to impale Mistress Three-Eyes, whose skin was hard enough to break the blade.

  • Enhanced Slashing: As it is empowered by Towa's demonic energy, its ability to slice through solid objects is more effective
  • Sōryūha (蒼竜破そうりゅうは, Dragon Strike, "Azure Dragon Wave"): From the tip of her energy blade, Towa can unleash a powerful demonic energy wave in the form of a colossal blue-white dragon, just like her father had originally with Tōkijin, now with Tenseiga.
    • Sōtō no Sōryūha (ツイン蒼竜破そうりゅうは, "Twin Azure Dragon Wave"): A variant of the technique used by Towa in her full demon form, Kirinmaru was the one whom gave it the name.
  • Barrier: During the fight with Kirinmaru, Towa uses the barrier to protect her dead twin sister Setsuna right after the explosion as Kirinmaru protect from her and Moroha's as Beniyasha's attack.


  • The activation of the yōki blade is similar to a lightsaber from Star Wars.
  • The Tsuba (guard) is styled after the flower Chrysanthemum which the 'Kiku' from its name stands for.


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