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Kin'u and Gyokuto are Miroku and Sango's identical twin daughters and the eldest of their three children.


They were born in Kaede's village. Six years later, they rushed because Rin is giving birth to twin hanyō daughters at the night of the lunar eclipse.

Later, they left the village at some point for reasons yet unknown and seemed to have relocated in the village of slayers.

Years later, Gyokuto have heard that their virtuous father was being targeted by a powerful demon that consumes monks and priests. Kin'u was not mentioned and her current whereabouts are unknown.[5]


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The two twins treated Inuyasha just as Kagome did when she first met him, calling him a doggy and petting his ears. As usual, Inuyasha was annoyed by this as he did not like his ears being touched by anyone. They acted like most toddlers would, seeing as how they were curious and still so young. They also enjoy playing with Shippo in a way that is not enjoyable to him.

As an adult, Gyokuto is shown to be cheerful and non-judgmental; she understands her father's reasoning for his training and tries to help Hisui reconcile with him.

Physical Descriptions


The girls bore a resemblance to their mother, as they both have dark brown hair and eyes. This may hint that they are identical instead of fraternal. Kin'u wears green, and Gyokuto wears pink. They both have rose-colored sashes, and their hair is tied up by a white ribbon.

As a teenager, Gyokuto dresses similar to her mother with a kimono similar to the one she wore as a child along with a red fabric wrapped around her legs. She returns the same hairstyle, just with some of it tied up.




Miroku is their father.


Sango is their mother.


Hisui is their younger brother.


Kohaku is their maternal uncle.



As toddlers they liked "slaying" him since they were told by their father not to bother Inuyasha by playing with his dog-demon ears.


As toddlers they enjoyed playing with his ears until their father told them to stop.

Kagome Higurashi

They like her giving them snacks. They were interested when she told them how effective the Kikyo root was.


Gyokuto borrows Kirara to ride home.




  • None of the children's names were revealed in the manga.
  • The twins are two of the final new characters introduced in the entire series.
  • The twins are collectively called "きんぎょ," KinGyo, by their parents and close friends.[6]
  • Their names 金烏と玉兎 translate to "Golden Bird and Jade Hare." Miroku may have named them according to the Chinese idiom "金乌西坠,玉兔东升" – the golden bird of the sun sets in the west, the jade hare of the moon rises in the east.[7] The idiom originates from a phrase in an ancient text.[8]

Media Appearances



InuYasha The Final Act

Hanyō no Yashahime


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