Ah, yes... If Tōkotsu served under me, then he must have been quite the formidable warrior indeed. Sesshōmaru's daughters defeating him is quite the accomplishment.


Lord Kirinmaru (りんまる) is a great Daiyōkai that rules over the eastern lands. After the death of Tōga, the ruler of the west, as well as his eldest son Sesshōmaru refusing to inherit his title, Lord Kirinmaru plans to distort time and swallow the world into a degenerate age with the assistance of his most trusted and strongest servants, the Shikyō, and their own underlings.


The equal of Tōga, the Lord of the Western Lands, as the Lord of the Eastern Lands, Kirinmaru alongside Tōga joined forces to repel the Grim Comet and protect their respective lands and afterwards came to a truce, leaving one another to rule their respective lands. Kirinmaru at some point went into a deep slumber.

500 years later, he was awakened by his older sister Zero and told her that Tōga's sons did taken care of the Comet's fragment. He was shocked that Sesshōmaru had married a human girl just like Tōga married Izayoi 207 years ago. Zero also told him that Sesshōmaru had sired daughters as Rin had given birth to twin half-demon daughters, and that Inuyasha had also married a human woman who had given birth to a quarter-yōkai daughter. With the prophecy that he would be defeated by a being neither human nor yōkai, Kirinmaru was about to kill Inuyasha but Sesshōmaru showed up and offered to help. Kirinmaru accepted and the two confronted Inuyasha and Kagome. This forced Inuyasha's wife, Kagome Higurashi, to send away their newborn daughter for her own safety with Hachiemon while she and Inuyasha faced the two daiyōkai. Before Kirinmaru could fight the married couple, Sesshōmaru removed the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye and used it to seal him and Kagome into his father's grave at the Border of the Afterlife under the reason that Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha would be needed. Lord Kirinmaru accepted this reasoning and left.

The Sacred Tree of Ages itself deems Lord Kirinmaru a grave threat for wishing to warp time itself which it controls.

Fourteen years later, he is visited by Kyūki, who informs him that one of the Shikyō, Tōkotsu, has been slain and the Rainbow Pearl entrusted to him stolen by Moroha. Kirinmaru was apathetic, only praising the strength of Sesshōmaru's daughters as they defeated someone who must have been a powerful warrior, and shows no interest in hunting them down, as Kyūki leaves to take care of them instead.


Kirinmaru appears as a serious and detached individual, speaking the bare minimum. He seems to be distant to even his closest followers as he did not remember Tōkotsu who was one of his four central lieutenants, much less that he even gifted Tōkotsu the red Rainbow Pearl in the first place and upon learning of his demise, Kirinmaru showed apathy, merely giving some praise to Sesshōmaru's twin daughters who terminated him as he reasoned that anybody serving under him must have been quite a powerful fighter. Likewise, when Zero woke him up, Kirinmaru treated his half-sister with a to-the-business attitude and when he and Sesshōmaru joined forces to kill Inuyasha and Moroha, he was instant to engage them while responding to Kagome's defiant refusal to hand Moroha over to him with cold rebuttal. Despite the Tree of Ages stating that Kirinmaru was power-hungry by wishing to warp time itself to his will, it was noted by Myōga that Kirinmaru was content in only ruling the Eastern Lands, which was supported by the fact that he left Tōga to rule the Western Lands in peace for years, with him expressing shock that Kirinmaru would be trying to rule the Western Lands and desires to warp time to his will and stating that he isn't the type to go this far.

According to Riku, Kirinmaru hates humans and half-demons, but it's unclear to what extent he really resents them: Though Zero indicated he shared Sesshōmaru's initial views of such creatures, with Kirinmaru expressing shock that his rival's older son would marry a human, and he did scoff at Kagome's defiance and vow to stop him from killing Moroha, when he was first woken up, he acknowledged Inuyasha as having the strength to alongside his half-brother destroy the Grim Comet and showed no inclination to slay him until he learned Inuyasha had given birth to a quarter demon daughter and even then, when he and Kagome was instead sealed into the Black Pearl, Kirinmaru accepted it when Jaken reasoned that Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha would be needed in the future with no protest at all. Likewise, he proved disinterested in going after Towa and Setsuna and freely acknowledged that he expected them to be powerful due to having such a powerful demon as their father. Overall, while Kirinmaru seems to consider himself superior and he does have disdain towards them, it doesn't seem to prevent him from acknowledging half-demons when they prove to be formidable and he himself to be needed taken on his hand to kill them.

Physical Description

Kirinmaru's full body artwork.

Kirinmaru appears as an adult young humanoid man encased in a purple suit of armor with a red belt across his waist and a golden plate on his left shoulder. He wears light purple clothes underneath, a pair of darkened reddish pants and black battle boots, with golden adornments.

He wears a pair of armored gauntlets decorated with the same adornments as his boots and a white dog-shaped mask with several markings leaving only his left green eye visible and a blue marking beneath. It's possible his right eye is injured as him mask covers his right eye and even without it, his bangs cover his right eye. He has what appears to be bulbous long, red hair, although it is not fully clear if it is his own or part of the mask. Expectedly from a bestial Daiyōkai he has sharpened, blue nails.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immense Demonic Power: Kirinmaru is said to rival Tōga in terms of strength. He was confident he could kill Inuyasha, an extremely powerful half-demon who had defeated other powerful Daiyōkai, and Sesshōmaru even went as far as to banish Inuyasha and Kagome into the Border of the Afterlife rather than allow Kirinmaru to fight them, suggesting he believed Kirinmaru could indeed kill both Inuyasha and Kagome despite their own incredible powers.
  • Natural Leadership: He has great power and authority over dozens of demons from the mainland but especially his top minions, the Four Perils.
  • Shapeshifting: It is unknown that Kirinmaru can change his appearance to resemble of a human's, like Tōga's, Sesshōmaru's, and his mother's.
  • Longevity: Like many Yōkai, Kirinmaru is capable of living for many centuries and remain unchanged even after the birth of Towa, Setsuna and Moroha.


  • Sword: Kirinmaru owned an unnamed sword with a golden hilt.
    • Unknown technique: A technique that seems to release powerful purple waves of purple energy capable of destroying parts of the Grim Comet.



Zero is his half-older sister and also the one that warned him about the prophecy of his downfall, showing great loyalty to him. Kirinmaru clearly trusts her as well, taking the news that she brought over his rival's sons giving birth to more Hanyō seriously and deciding to kill Inuyasha when she heeds him to act, but he doesn't seem to be emotionally close to her, referring to her with a professional attitude.


The former Lord of the Western Lands and an old-rival of Kirinmaru, the two worked together to deal with the Grim Comet when it first landed and made a truce with one another, leaving the other to rule their respective lands peacefully. It is unknown what Kirinmaru felt towards Tōga, though the way he seemed confident that both his sons, even including his half-demon son, would be enough to destroy the Grim Comet, indicated he respected his rival for his power. He also seemed amused when Jaken commented that Inuyasha and Kagome would be trapped in Tōga's tomb and "pay respects" to his grave and decided to leave it be.


Kirinmaru seems to hold Kyūki in a higher standard than most of his subordinates, as he remembers her name and trusts her with handling Sesshōmaru's daughters after she had killed Tōkotsu. He is unaware that Kyūki wanted to overthrow him and it is unknown whether he knows or even cares that she is dead.



Inuyasha is his old rival's half-demon youngest son. Although Riku claimed that Lord Kirinmaru would naturally despise him as he is a half-demon, it appears that Kirinmaru doesn't actually have much of a grudge towards him: When he was woken up by his older sister, Kirinmaru openly acknowledged Inuyasha's worth as Tōga's son and that his strength along with his brother's would have sufficed to destroy the Grim Comet, showing an initial lack of inclination to kill Inuyasha. Only opting to exterminate Inuyasha when he learned Inuyasha had married Kagome and gave birth to Moroha, even when Sesshōmaru instead sealed them away to the Border of the Afterlife, Kirinmaru showed no eagerness to kill Inuyasha and accepted when Jaken noted Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha will be needed, showing Kirinmaru doesn't really have any personal spite towards Inuyasha or at least not enough to actively wish for his death until he was pushed into doing so.

Kagome Higurashi

Being that Kagome as Inuyasha's wife had married Inuyasha and gave birth to a quarter demon girl, Kirinmaru wanted to kill her along with her husband, but like with Inuyasha, he showed no personal enmity towards her and calmly accepted Sesshōmaru's decision to instead trap them in Tōga's tomb, though as he attempted to attack her, he did scoff at her statement that he won't be able to get through her and Inuyasha to kill Moroha, calling her a mere human, suggesting he considered himself superior to her as a Daiyōkai.


Being Sesshōmaru is his rival's first and true demon son and the viable heir to the title of the Lord of the Western Lands, Kirinmaru seems to acknowledge and respect him. It was noted by Zero that Kirinmaru was very well aware that Sesshōmaru hated humans and Hanyōs and that he would be very surprised to hear that he had married and sired two half-demon daughters, which was confirmed by the shock Kirinmaru showed upon learning it. Despite this, Kirinmaru still showed respect towards Sesshōmaru, being willing to let him help in killing Inuyasha and even accepting his decision to seal him and Kagome away instead. Indeed, he even acknowledged that despite being half-demons, he had expected Sesshōmaru's daughters to be very powerful and was not surprised when he learned they had managed to kill one of his Shikyō.


They probably had never met before, but Kirinmaru was shocked when he learned that Rin had became Sesshōmaru's wife just like his old rival Tōga married Izayoi, and that she gave birth to twin hanyō daughters. It remains unknown if he has anything to do with Rin's current slumber, but it appears that he isn't after her daughters herself, showing disinterest in doing so even after they had killed one of his foremost generals, with the separation of the twins being ordered seemingly solely by Zero with no order from Kirinmaru, making it seemingly unlikely that he has anything to do with her current condition.






As a quarter demon, Kirinmaru considered her a threat to him and attempted to slay her, but was unable to when Inuyasha and Kagome sent her to safety. In the present, he seems to have abandoned his interest in killing her, as she did not yet know of his existence whereas she knew of her grandfather's, indicating that he probably made no further attempt on her life.


  • The Shikon Jewel prophesied that half-demons would be Kirinmaru's downfall. Hence why he desired Towa, Setsuna and Moroha's deaths along with Inuyasha. However, this may have lead to a "self-fulfilling prophecy" where Kirinmaru may have started the chain of events that leads to his doom, very similar to the Empress Dowager of China from The Twins of Destiny, and Lord Voldemort from the hit Harry Potter novels. All desired the destruction of their enemy as infants but were ultimately felled or destroyed by them as preteens or teenagers.
  • Kirinmaru's Japanese voice actor, Yoshimasa Hosoya also voices Osamu Kirin.
    • Coincidently, Kirinmaru's English voice actor, Crispin Freeman voices Osamu Kirin as well.


Fourteen Years Ago

  • "Why have you awoken me? The Great Dog-Demon's sons must have taken care of the comet's fragments by now."
  • "He did what?"
  • "That is what I had in mind."
  • "Very well. Come with me, Sesshōmaru."
  • "Quit your prattling, Human."
  • "You helped them?"
  • "I suppose that is fine."

Present Day

  • "Sesshōmaru's daughters, you say."
  • "Remind me, Kyūki. Who is this Tokotsu again?"
  • "Ah, yes. If Tōkotsu served under me, then he must have been quite the formidable warrior indeed. Sesshōmaru's daughters defeating him is quite the accomplishment."
  • "It doesn't suit my taste."
  • "

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