Kirinmaru's Ship is a vehicle that appears to the residence of the aforementioned Beast King of the East, his family and once devoted four followers in the first two seasons.


After being defeated by Tōga the Beast King of the West upon their very first encounter, a furiously humiliated Kirinmaru returned to his ship with his teenage daughter Rion. Years later in the Kamakura period, Konton and Kyūki would report to Kirinmaru on his ship. Kirinmaru also had the Shikon no Tama in his possession and kept it in his office.

As the centuries passed, Kirinmaru then fell into an enchanted deep sleep and was finally awoken by his elder sister after the late Tōga's sons, Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha, destroyed a massive fragment of the powerful Grim Comet where he learned that Sesshōmaru, of all demons, had fallen in love with a human woman and had half-demon twin daughters. And that, a quarter dog-demon daughter was born between the late Great Dog-Demon's grown half-demon son and his human, time-traveling miko wife; threatening Kirinmaru's life further.

After Tōkotsu's and Jakotsumaru's death, Kyūki flew to Kirinmau's ship where he sat on his throne and ate grapes while listening to her report. Kirinmaru was reading and assured Zero that Riku will be able to handle the daughters of Sesshōmaru and their cousin Moroha. Kirinmaru stood on the bow of his ship and intercepted Tōtetsu, who was leading the girls to his ship.

After his battle with the half-demons, Kirinmaru was reading in his office when Zero told him she was going out and they discussed the half-demons. Standing on the bow of his ship, Kirinmaru saw through the eyes of Osamu Kirin that the Grim Comet has appeared in the Reiwa Era.

After battling the half-demons again, and killing Setsuna, Kirinmaru retreated and saw through Riku's eyes that Setsuna had been revived. Later, he rested on his throne, lamenting on the injuries that his rivals granddaughters had inflicted on him. He then went to sleep, so he could see Rion in his dreams through the Yume no Kochō.

Kirinmaru left his ship in search of Akuru the Spirit of Time, and didn't return until Osamu came to the Feudal Era with the Grim Comet. As Osamu slayed various demons, Kirinmaru stood on the bow, lamenting the imminent demise of humanity. He then fell asleep on his throne after Osamu drugged him, and woke up just in time to see Osamu and Rion disappear into the Grim Butterfly.

Kirinmaru left his ship to tried and save Rion, but never returned as he was finally able to let go of the past and he and Rion passed on together, leaving the ship abandoned until the half-demons and Riku used it to travel to Iyo Province in Shikoku; one of the lands that was ruled by Toga. With Kirinmaru and his family gone, Riku is presumably the ship's new owner with Towa, Setsuna and Moroha as their newest residents.

Physical description

The ship during the day.

The ship, based on a Sengoku-era atakebune, was massive with a tower on its deck. It had giant white flags for the wind to catch. The hull was clad in iron. The tower had two main areas.

The first was Kirinmaru's throne room, which had purple carpet leading up to his chair that was red and brown. Beside the chair was a small round table on which Kirinmaru would often keep grapes on to eat.

The other place was Kirinmaru's office, which consisted of carpet, a long wooden table with chairs. On the far side was a wooden desk and chair. Off to the side was a wooden stand where the Shikon Jewel was sitting when in Kirinmaru's position.

For years, the ship was anchored in a coastal location.

After the Grim Comet was brought and before the Grim Butterfly has come, the ship could fly.

After the Grim Butterfly was wiped from plane of existence, the anchor didn't drop when taken to Iyo Province.