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Kitsune (きつね, "Fox") is the Japanese word for fox. In Japanese folklore, foxes that have lived for very long lifespans develop above-average human intelligence and supernatural powers. As yōkai they are infamous for being mischievous tricksters. Kitsune can perform fox magic, which includes such abilities as fire conjuring, size manipulation, and, most notably, shapeshifting, which allows them to take on the appearance of anyone or anything they choose by placing a leaf on their heads. However, they are often given away by their tail, which they have difficulty in hiding. Strangely, Shippō, despite being a kitsune, has a distinctly human-like appearance.


In Meidō Zangetsuha, it is revealed that Kitsune go through a promotion exam in which all beginners start off at 30th rank and will climb up the ranks by working their fox magic on unsuspecting humans. If their actions result in success, their rank will rise, but any failure would result in their rank falling.

Notable kitsunes


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