Kochō (胡蝶こちょう, "Butterfly") was one of Kikyō's assistants; she was one of two shikigami in the form of a young girls. She and Asuka are mainly used as Kikyō's messengers after Kikyō was grievously wounded on Mount Hakurei by Naraku.

They are also attendants for Kikyō's other shikigami, Saint Hijiri, who is just a puppet and container for Kikyō's soul. Kochō and Asuka are also capable of erecting and maintaining powerful barriers.


The girls are slain by Kohaku when Kikyō sends them to divert Naraku's attention and stop the invading demonic rats. However, Kikyō later summons them again to protect Kohaku (who has become her traveling companion since Kagura's death).


Not much is known about their personality although they are extremely loyal to Kikyō and are obediently following her orders even putting themselves in danger as seen when their barrier that was protecting Kohaku was broken by Byakuya and used their last amount of spiritual powers to let Kohaku escape and to buy him more time but they were destroyed by Byakuya, telling them their effort was futile.

Physical description[]

Kochō appears as a young girl with fair skin, black eyes, and black hair tied into a low ponytail at the back of her head by a white ribbon like Kikyō. She wears a light yellow kimono with a light green butterfly pattern adorning it and open shoulders.

Powers and Abilities[]

*Kochō and Asuka's spiritual powers manifest as a bright yellowish glow of light in color.

  • Great Spiritual Power: It appeared that Kochō and Asuka both contained a vast amount of spiritual power, and they derived it from Kikyō herself. When Kikyō was distracted somewhere else, they would cover for Kikyō in her absence, though their powers seems to be connected to Kikyō's own powers, which leaves them almost powerless when Kikyō was incapacitated (i.e. after she had been defiled by Naraku's spiderwebs).
    • Spiritual Familiars: Kochō and Asuka could both generate spiritual butterflies and flowers respectively as a means of offense. When Byakuya found Kohaku, Kochō and Asuka explode into multiple familiars, giving Kohaku a chance to escape.
Kocho and Asuka Barrier

Kochō and Asuka's barrier.

    • Spiritual Barrier: Being Kikyō's shikigami, the two can defend themselves by erecting a powerful spiritual barrier which prevents any attacks from harming them. In various occasions, they are seen erecting a barrier to protect Kikyō during her recovery and while she was incapacitated. They are also seen erecting a barrier to protect Kohaku from Naraku when Kikyō was caught in Naraku's spiderwebs.
  • Flight: Both Kochō and Asuka are shown to have the ability to fly swiftly, so much so that they can keep up on a running horse.


  • Kikyō: As the one who created Kochō and Asuka, she holds sway over them. They are both subservient to Kikyō's will and derive their strength from her. If anything happened to Kikyō, their powers and very existence could be compromised.


  • Like Asuka, her seiyū voiced one of Kagome's classmates, Eri.

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