Bounty? Do you mean to tell me that a bounty is on this Konton's head!!? Distasteful! Utterly distasteful!


Konton (こんとん) was one of the Four Perils that served Kirinmaru, who sought vengeance on the Half-Demon Princesses for humiliating him.


600 years ago, Konton, Kyūki, Tōtetsu, and Tōkotsu are on Kirinmaru's Ship as he has returned with his broken right arm and left antler and his daughter Rion.

In 1297, when their enemy, the Great Dog General Tōga had been spotted in the land of Kamakura and was wounded from the battle with Ryūkotsusei, Konton and Kyūki reported it to Kirinmaru and suggested attacking him while he was injured. Kirinmaru furiously rebuked them, and said there was no honor in killing Tōga while he was weak as "a true battle must be one with honor and dignity". He instead summoned Riku and ordered him to gather medicinal herbs to heal Tōga. After Riku left, Kirinmaru said that the battle is meaningless unless both sides are willing to their all for victory, as he left they heard Zero chuckled as she said he could only learn the meaning of compromise and his rigid thinking is why they haven't ruled the western land yet.

Long ago, Konton battled a Meiōjū and killed it, taking a piece of his shell as a souvenir. He fashioned the shell as an armor that he used until he fought Towa Higurashi, Setsuna, and Moroha. Konton and his two Shikigami the Wind Lion and Thunder Lion attacked a small village and Konton leveled into a smaller temple in a clearing.

The trio found him at his temple where they engaged him and his two lions in battle. Konton's magic was overwhelming for them, and the trio were unexpectedly taken away in a cloud of smoke, and Konton sent the lions away to look for them, giving them a talisman that would allow him to teleport.

Konton found them with the Meiōjū's son Meifuku. When Towa learned that Meiōjū's shell had no demonic energy, she infused some of her own energy into the armor, awakening the spirit of Meiōjū, who held Konton down so Meifuku and Towa could attack the armor, causing the shell to separate from Konton. Konton went to attack Towa, but was then attacked by Moroha and Setsuna, and then fled before Moroha could finish him off.

While residing in a cave, from which he spies on the Half-Demon Princesses, he summons another half-demon, by the name of Nikosen, to destroy them and attain their Rainbow Pearls. He observes the battle, and finds Towa's human transformation interesting. After Nikosen's defeat, he says the battle was entertaining.

A few months later, he returns with a new armor and seems to have struck a deal with Moroha's mentor Yawaragi. He slaughters all the Rat yōkais of the village and offers Yawaragi the last remaining key to the Cursed Armor of the Iron Rat that she wears if she kills Moroha. He'd appear near the end of Yawaragi's fight with Moroha, and when Moroha uses the Crimson Backlash Wave, Yawaragi betrays Konton and used him as a shield against the attack, but he uses the blue rainbow pearl to escape and crushes the key before fleeing.

While creating an eight field escape trap for the half-demons, Konton is approached by Riku who suggests him to use Tōtetsu to lure the girls in, and offers to help. Konton then uses his bagua wheel to control the trap. Eventually, Towa and Setsuna cut through the nexus and locate Konton.

He'd re-summon the Wind Lion and Thunder Lion to attack Setsuna and Towa while he uses his sword to draw a new symbol on the ground. Setsuna and Towa easily destroy the two lions. Konton then uses the blue rainbow pearl to summon a giant Blue Ogre from the symbol he drew to battle Setsuna while he uses the magic if his eight field escape trap to attack Towa with flying swords.

Towa sniffed out the flow of demonic energy, and managed to wound Konton with a well placed slash. Konton then powered up the Blue Ogre into a more demonic looking creature while pointing his sword at a shocked Towa. The Ogre demon lumbered towards Towa, and went to bite her. Towa dodged out of the way, and Konton was killed when his head was torn from his body and consumed by the Ogre.


Being a very powerful demon, he is coldhearted and vicious when it comes to his reputation or his enemies.

Physical description

Konton's full body artwork

Apparition: Konton is tall and skinny with pale green skin, two horns on his forehead, pointy ears, and a thin mustache that only has two hairs protruding from either side of his face. He has long flowing grayish black hair, and his fingers have claws at the end of them. He has a medium length tail.

True Form: In his true form, Konton doesn't appear to have a face. His body is round with six stubby legs and four smaller wings attached to it.


Konton wears a long black pointed officials hat. He wears a light brown kosode, darker brown baggy pants, and boots. For a while he wore the Meiōjū's shell that took the form of a brownish colored armor that covered his chest and shoulders.

He later acquired another set of armor that was red on the upper part, grey with small spikes protruding on the middle part, and black with two rows of smaller spikes.

Powers and abilities

  • Tao Magic Konton is able to use magic spells, most notably one that allows him to retreat in a cloud of purple smoke. He can also summon flames that he can use to observe others.
    • Divine Speed: The spell Konton uses to make his sword grow in length. It lasts for only one attack, so he has to say it every time he wants to extend the length of his sword.
    • Exploding Field: Konton throws a talisman that catches fire and explodes in a puff of smoke in the enemies faces.
    • Teleportation: Konton is able to use his talismans to teleport. The talismans act like a sort of portal that once released allow Konton to appear in the location.
    • Shikigami Magic: Konton is able to use his talismans to create beings to serve him. He has been known to create the Wind Lion, Thunder Lion, and a giant Blue Ogre.
  • Fang Magic: Konton is also capable of using Fang Magic.
    • Eight Field Escape Trap: Konton uses this spell to create an illusionary trap that he can change at will by rotating sections of his bagua with his magic. It needs something called a keystone in order for the trap to activate, and can only be deactivated once the nexus is cut.
      • Konton used the same spell to destroy the temple.


  • Divine Sword: Konton wields a sword that has the ability to generate and fire off blasts of demonic energy. He can extend it with the Divine Speed spell.
  • Talismans: Konton can channel his demonic energy into sutra talismans that he can throw as a weapon.


  • Second Armor: After losing the chunk of Meiōjū shell, Konton got a new set of armor to replace it. He hid the blue rainbow pearl in it.
  • Bagua wheel: Konton controlled a Bagua wheel in a small temple that he would use to control his eight field escape trap spell. He'd use his magic to turn sections of the wheel to confuse and disorientate his enemies.


  • Meiōjū Armor: Konton wore an armor that was created from the piece of Meiōjū's shell that he acquired. He wore this armor everywhere until it was separated from him by Towa and returned to being a chunk of shell.


"Ah. Yes, this improves the view."

"How distasteful. Those wretches haven't seen the last of me. Curse you, half-demons."

"How interesting."

"So half-demons have new moons. A good show."


  • Konton is based on the Hundun from chinese mythology.
  • He is the first Peril to survive a first encounter and battle with the Yashahime.
  • Konton's seiyū, Hiroki Yasumoto, also voices Orwin Granberg from Tales of Crestoria, which released July 16, 2020, 3 months before Hanyō no Yashahime first debuted. Coincidentally, Orwin had not been made a playable character until 11:00 P.M. PST, March 7th, 2021.

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