Kujaku (紅邪鬼, くじゃく, "Crimson Demon") was a female demon who served under Tōga.


After the death of Tōga, she and her partner, Seiten, set off to fulfill their late master's request to destroy the Four War Gods, a quartet of powerful demons. They beseeched Tōga's son, Sesshōmaru, and pleaded with him in vain to enlist his aid in completing their quest. Sesshōmaru resolutely refused, showing utter indifference towards their plight, despite the fact that it was his father's dying wish that the Four War Gods be defeated. Therefore, Kujaku and Seiten attempted to fight the fearsome demons alone, though this proved disastrous. The first War God that the duo came up against was Kyōra, who easily killed them with his Birds of Fire technique. Following her death, Kyōra took Kujaku's weapon, the Crimson Demon Fan, as his own. Sesshōmaru later appeared to fight Kyōra, though it is unknown why he did not step in to help Kujaku and Seiten before they were destroyed. While Kyōra was defeated, he was nevertheless able to escape and it would be another 200 years before he would finally be destroyed by Sesshōmaru in a rematch, and Kujaku and Seiten's deaths vindicated.


Kujaku is shown to be a very loyal servant of Tōga. She and Seiten beseech Sesshōmaru to fulfill his father's last request.

Powers & Abilities


  • Crimson Demon Fan (紅邪鬼扇, くじゃくせん, "Kujakusen"): It originally belongs Seiten before she is killed by Kyōra and becomes the new owner of it. Kyōra uses it for a variety of attack, but it is unknown if they come from the fan itself, or is a manifestation of Kyōra powers being channeled into it.


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