The Kumogashira (蜘蛛頭, "Spider Head") were a group of spider yōkai. Their leader posed himself as a monk as part of a plan of luring the hanyō Inuyasha to him and stealing his shards of the Shikon no Tama.


The Kumogashira infested a mountainous region had killed many within the nearby villages. Among the victims were the parents of Nazuna. Inuyasha and his friends confronted them while they spent the night a the temple belonging to Nazuna's master. It was later revealed that the master was actually a Kumogashira posing to be a monk as a ploy to lure Inuyasha and steal his jewel shards. Inuyasha had trouble fighting him since he lost his powers at the night of the new moon, but managed to destroy him when they returned to him by morning.

More Kumogashira appear in the Reiwa era, having descended from the Grim Comet, and are destroyed by the Half-Demon Princesses Towa, Setsuna, Moroha and Osamu Kirin.

Manga vs. Anime

  • In the anime, the kumogashira appear as humanoid spiders with four limbs, three fangs, spider-like heads, and elongated necks. In the manga, they appear and enlarged spiders that wear the heads of their victims (although the one that first attacks Nazuna by the cliff appears as how the rest of them look in the anime).
  • In the anime, they are all destroyed when their master is killed by Inuyasha and Tessaiga. In the manga, it is unknown what becomes of them after their master is killed by Inuyasha.

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