Kuroro's kittens were kittens born from the nekomata Kuroro.


While Kuroro was pregnant with her kittens, she was chased out of her village at the behest of the rat yōkai Tesso, who was disguised as a faith healer. A child from the village, Koume, was concerned for Kuroro because she knew that she would be giving birth soon. Kuroro safely gave birth in a cave outside the village, but Tesso had pursued Koume to the cave in order to eat her. Kuroro confronted him outside of the cave. Their fight resulted in a cave-in that trapped the kittens, Koume, and the kitsune Shippō. Koume protected Kuroro's kittens while Shippō worked towards escaping. They managed to escape the cave, but were stopped by Tesso. Whom was later killed by Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu, since Miroku's Sacred sutra hit on the rock as Tesso's true self have been hidden. Kuroro was welcomed back to the village with her kittens. They reunited with her after she was bandaged up from the fight with Tesso and she began to feed them. Koume was watching over them and promised they would always be together.

Physical description

Kuroro's kittens appear to be regular kittens, and only have one tail each, unlike Kuroro. They are yellow with black markings. They have red eyes, also. The black markings are the outside of their ears are completely black and the tip of their tails are also black. They also have a black diamond formation on their foreheads. Unlike their mother, they do not have any markings on their paws, legs, or neck. Not much is known about the three.


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