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If I succeed, I'll possess more demon energy than Master Kirinmaru.


Kyūki (きゅう) is one of the Shikyō that serves Kirinmaru.


Through Yotsume, Kyūki spied on Towa Higurashi, Setsuna, and Moroha. She recognized Moroha as the one who killed Tōkotsu, and asked Yotsume what Jakotsumaru was up to. Yotsume responded that he was busy gathering the bones needed to revive his father, so Kyūki told him to inform Jakotsumaru about the trio.

It is revealed that the Purple Rainbow Pearl is in her possession.

Kyūki went to see Kirinmaru to tell him about Tokōtsu's death at the hands of Sesshomaru's daughters before assuring him that she will deal with them. Kyūki sent Yotsume to retrieve the rainbow pearl from Towa while she sent Fubuki after Moroha and Setsuna. Kyūki lamented that with four rainbow pearls she have more demon energy than Kirinmaru.

When Fubuki was killed, and Yotsume was forced to retreat; he flew to Kyūki's mountain hideout, and she stopped him from entering her lair with a barrier. Kyūki yelled at Yotusme for leading the half demon princesses to her. She let Yotsume burrow her rainbow pearl to fight them, Though Yotsume defeated Moroha, Towa, and Takechiyo; but he was easily killed by Setsuna.

Upon Yotsume's demise, the pearl returned to Kyūki's hand. She has observed the dreams that the rainbow pearl had allowed her to access, and noted that it was jumbled, but she could make sense of it. The half demon princesses entered Kyūki's lair to confront her, but it was soon revealed that Kyūki's rainbow peal had sealed Moroha and Towa's demonic energy, leaving Setsuna as the only one to fight her.

Kyūki transformed into her true form, and fought Setsuna, absorbing Setuna's attack with her rainbow pearl that she held in her mouth. Hiding, Towa and Moroha learned that Towa could absorb demonic energy to reactive the power of her Kikujūmonji.

Towa attacked Kyūki, and stabbed into the rainbow pearl, but Kyūki easily knocked her away and grabbed her sword. Feeling defeated, Towa managed to use the Sōryūhato defeat Kyūki, returning to her humanoid form. Weakened, Kyūki was confronted by Riku, who mocked her for losing. Kyūki cursed Riku and then died with her skin melting off.


At first glance, Kyūki appears to be loyal to her master Kirinmaru, In reality, she wishes to acquire enough power in order to overthrow him.

Physical Description

Kyūki's true form.

Demon Form: In her demon form, she took the appearance of the white saber-tooth cat with multiple horns on her legs, paws, heads and a pair of wings.

Human Form: In her human form, she is with white skin and purple stripes underneath her green eyes, forearms and shins, long wavy purple hair with part of it tied back, green eyes, pointed ears, a pair of small horns on her forehead, red fingernails and toenails, and a pair of white-feathered wings on her back.


Kyūki's full body artwork.

Kyūki wears a sleeveless red kimono with orange animal-like stripes, a purple hadajuban undershirt, a purple beaded necklace with a bell at the center, jagged gray sode shoulder pads with golden rings round the end and matching kusazuri waist pads, a golden bracelet on her left wrist, a purple obi sash, and a large white sash down the center of her legs with black jagged stripes at the end.

Kyūki walks barefoot, similar to Moroha, and Inuyasha.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Kyūki can transform into a giant tiger with horns and whip.
  • Light whip: Kyūki can shoot a long line of purple energy from her fingertips that she can manipulate by moving her arm.


  • Crystal Ball: Used to communicate with Yotsume.
  • Purple Rainbow Pearl: She possessed it until Riku stole it.


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