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The Kyūyōkon Root (吸妖魂の根, "Kyūyōkon Kubi") is a mysterious root that is required to forge a new demon sword for Towa Higurashi in place of the broken Kikujūmonji replica.


Tōtōsai mentioned to Setsuna that she needs to locate the root in order to create a better sword for Towa to use instead of her knock-off Kikujūmonji. To locate the root, the girls need to search for Bokusenō. After the Sea Snake Woman is back to normal, Riku tells Towa to good luck to find the root. As the girls arrived to Bokusenō, it's located at Mount Musubi. It was mentioned to be the very thing that Kirinmaru is afraid of. As Moroha arrived inside the mountain, she had a first met with Kirinmaru's daughter Rion as she use the root to show Moroha where Towa and Setsuna were, and opens the portal. She dismantles the demonic barrier around the mountain into the Hoshikiri no Fue. When the Demon Spirit Beast have come, Towa plays the Star-Slicer Flute and transforms into the Zanseiken, and the Kyūyōkon absorbs the green blast, before she destroys them with the Twin Azure Dragon Wave.

Due to Sesshōmaru being fatally wounded from Kirinmaru's Demon Fireball attack, Jaken realizes that only the Kyūyōkon is capable of removing and storing the divinely powerful demonic aura that continues to drain the half-demon twins' father of his vital haku little by little. Once arriving in the Sacred Tree of Ages, Towa takes no time in utilizing its ability to absorb and store vast amounts of demonic energy to save her father. Unfortunately, the cost of accomplishing such a feat drains her of her very life-force and seemingly kills her. Even with this fatal drawback, Towa continues to utilize its ability to absorb and expel infinite amounts of demonic energy on the Grim Comet itself, further strengthening and evolving her attack to the larger and infinitely more powerful Shooting Star Azure Dragon Wave attack.

Its mighty mystical demonic abilities are now transferred to Rion and into the glowing green apple that grew from the apple seed that Riku had kept since first meeting Towa. And like the Zanseiken, it is now being in Osamu Kirin's possession.

Physical Appearance

The Kyūyōkon Root gave off the appearance of a magnifying glass with a deep blue jewel at the top. It has a red thread tied to a small loop at the top and a white bead at the other end.

Once being draw in by Rion, who called upon it for assistance, it infused its ancient mystical powers into the apple seed Riku had kept and grew it into a glowing green apple.


  • Spyglass: From the dark blue jewel, Rion showed Moroha where her twin half-cousins Towa and Setsuna were since they didn't get pass through the strong barrier due to lack of spiritual powers.
  • Portal: Rion opened a portal, the red vortex and purple on the outside, that lead to either the Border of the Afterlife or the Sacred Tree of Ages.
  • Demon Energy Absorption & Empowerment: As mentioned by Rion, the root can absorb and release exhausting amounts of demon energy. It even greatly amplifies the attack power of the Twin Azure Dragon Wave by turning them from light blue to a bright green. It is this unique and useful ability that is used to save Sesshōmaru from perishing.
  • Power Infusion: By allowing its mighty strength to become one with Rion and the apple seed Riku had kept, its supreme abilities are now within both Rion and the glowing green apple.

Added Abilities

  • Life-Force/Spirit Absorption: Upon storing the vast demonic energies it is used to absorb comes at a price as it also drains its chosen wielder dry of their very mind/spirit/essence as well. This revealed to be from a curse Kirinmaru had placed on the star sword, not a property of the root itself, especially an ability/technique of the star sword itself, since Towa absorb the demonic energy of Kirinmaru's haku of Demon Fireball to save her father Sesshōmaru.


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