Lake Motosu (本栖湖, "Motosu-ko") is one of the five lakes that surround Mount Fuji. It is the location of Princess Kaguya's Dream Castle. She draws power associated with the element fire from this lake, and when being unsealed, cloth from the Robe of the Fire-Rat was dropped into its waters. It is also the location of a large six-headed dragon called Orochi that defends Kaguya's castle and does her bidding.


InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
Locations: Mount Fuji  •  Dream Castle  •  Forest of Illusion (Shrine of the Mirror of Life)
Five Lakes of Mount Fuji: Lake Kawaguchi  •  Lake Motosu  •  Lake Sai  •  Lake Shōji  •  Lake Yamanaka
Princess Kaguya
Allies: Kagura (formerly)  •  Kanna (formerly)  •  Orochi
Enemies: Miyatsu  •  Naraku  •  Inuyasha  •  Kagome Higurashi  •  Miroku  •  Sango  •  Shippō  •  Kirara  •  Akitoki Hōjō  •  Kohaku
Equipment: Celestial Robe  •  Mirror of Life
Five Items: Jeweled Branch of Hōrai  •  Swallow's Cowrie Shell  •  Jewel of the Dragon's Neck  •  Stone Begging Bowl of Buddha  •  Robe of the Fire-Rat

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