Mō-Mō (猛々もうもう, "Ferociousness") was a three-eyed ox yōkai that belonged to Tōtōsai and acts as the forging demon's traveling companion.


Mō-Mō has been used as a means for Tōtōsai to get around great distances at incredible speeds. He has also been used to summon others to Tōtōsai. He was first seen with Mō-Mō when traveling to Inuyasha's location in order to test his worth as Tessaiga's wielder.

When Inuyasha broke Tessaiga after fighting Goshinki, Mō-Mō teleported to Inuyasha's location so Tessaiga could be repaired at Tōtōsai's house.

Mō-Mō takes Tōtōsai to Sesshōmaru during his battle with Magatsuhi that he has a new weapon: the Bakusaiga. Later, they followed Sesshōmaru's and Inuyasha's groups to Kaede's village since Kohaku's Shikon no Tama shard had been defiled, and Kagome's spiritual powers had been sealed that they're going to take them to Kaede for purification. Whilst there, Sesshōmaru orders Tōtōsai to make a scabbard for Bakusaiga.

Since humans were unable to survive the volcanic area of Tōtōsai's home, he has used Mō-Mō to meet them elsewhere at times. He did this when he gave Kohaku his new weapon.

Mō-Mō takes Tōtōsai to the ruins of Izayoi's mansion when Rin was crying as Setsuna was killed by Kirinmaru. Upon arriving, he set about forging an improved form of her naginata, the Yukari no Tachikiri. Totosai left on Mō-Mō soon after completing the weapon in order to repair Tenseiga, which had been broken by Zero.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: Mō-Mō possesses the ability to fly by projecting clouds under his hooves to sail through the air.
  • Teleportation: He also has the power to teleport almost anywhere else through a lightning bolt though he seems to favor flying more.
  • Enhanced Durability & Defense: He has physical resiliency and defenses higher than what his appearance would suggest. This is displayed in the fact that he's capable of living in the molten environment of the volcano Tōtōsai's forge is located in without any hindrances while lesser demons like Jaken are severely burned just by entering it. His hide itself is also more sturdy than expected as Tōtōsai and the others took shelter behind him when Inuyasha first used the Kaze no Kizu against Sesshōmaru.
  • Enhanced Vision: His three eyes are capable of seeing things far away and even into other dimensions.
    • Vision Projection: Tōtōsai was able to show the final battle between Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru over Tessaiga by hitting Mō-Mō on the head with his hammer, causing the fight to be displayed in real time from Mō-Mō's eyes like a film projector.[Note 1]


  • Mō-Mō was one of the two yōkai in the series that was shown to be a herbivore (the other being A-Un).
  • Mō-Mō (モーモー) or (モー) is a commonly used onomatopoeia to describe the voice effects of cattle in Japanese.

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  1. In the anime only