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That's a promise! I love you, Towa! I love all of you!

—Mei Higurashi to Towa Higurashi, Setsuna and Moroha[src]

Mei Higurashi (日暮ひぐらし) is Sōta and Moe Higurashi's daughter.


Mei was born to Sōta and Moe Higurashi. She was raised by the two along with her adopted sister Towa. Mei and Towa grew very close together and cherished each other.


Mei is smart, honest, and very talented, but is also shy and can be naïve at times.

Physical description



Sōta Higurashi

Sōta is her father. Mei loves her father dearly.

Moe Higurashi

Moe is her mother. Mei loves her mother dearly.

Towa Higurashi

Towa is her paternal half-cousin and adoptive older sister. The two of them love each other very much. Towa is extremely protective of her, immediately going to her location after realizing she is crying. Towa also refrains from fighting in Mei’s presence, knowing that it will make her sad.

Mei is not very happy about Towa's choices, such as not looking or acting more "feminine", keeping her androgynous fashion style and never backing down from a fight, although it's mostly because Mei is worried about Towa getting into trouble.

Despite this, Towa would question whether the reason she cares for Mei is because she sees her as a replacement for Setsuna. Nevertheless, when she thought the latter is going to hurt the former, Towa does not hesitate to point her sword towards Setsuna to protect Mei. She also hugs and promises Mei to return once she restores Setsuna’s memories and ability to sleep, showing that Towa truly loves her adopted sister.

Mama Higurashi

She is Mei's paternal grandmother.

Grandpa Higurashi

He is Mei's paternal great-grandfather.


Moroha is Mei's paternal cousin. Moroha protected her from the demon Mistress Three-Eyes and was disgusted at the minor demon Hitokon for trying to possess the girl into attacking her family. Mei looks up to Moroha and considers her more as a sister.


Setsuna is Mei's paternal half-cousin. She appears to be in good terms with her, willing to engage in casual conversation with her cousin. When Mei was initially possessed by the Hitokon, Setsuna originally planning to cut it from her eye. But remembering Mei's smile, along with thanking Setsuna for saving her life from Mistress Three-Eyes, causes Setsuna to simply use the anti-demon potion on her instead.


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  • Mei is likely 4 to 6 years younger than Towa; given she's in elementary school.

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