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That's a promise! I love you, Towa! I love all of you!

—Mei Higurashi to Towa Higurashi, Setsuna and Moroha[src]

Mei Higurashi (日暮ひぐらし) is Sōta and Moe Higurashi's young daughter. She is also the adoptive younger sister and half-cousin-in-law of Towa Higurashi, of which she is the maternal cousin of quarter dog-demon Moroha.


Newborn Mei

Mei was born to Sōta Higurashi and Moe Higurashi. She was raised by the two along with her adoptive elder sister Towa.

During the Story

Over the next decade, Mei and Towa grew very close together and cherished each other. Upon being taken hostage by middle school bullies who wanted to get even with Towa, she pleaded with Towa to not engage in a fight. Later that night, she was surprised yet excited at seeing the strange phenomenon that opened a portal through time with Setsuna and Moroha. Witnessing Towa's ever developing demonic strength and abilities for the very first time, she was excited at how amazing they were against the bullies and Mistress Three-Eyes. She was then taken over by the Hitōkon and was about to throw a rock at her grandmother and great-grandfather, but fell unconsciousness from the moth's sleeping powder Setsuna had used.

As the night wore on, she told her mother at how amazing Towa's powers are and that she now has "three older sisters" to play with. She watched interested as her cousin Moroha appeared with a large yellow backpack full of "demonic magic" to take back to Japan's ancient past. In front of the Sacred Tree of Ages, she told Towa to be careful and that she would be waiting for her and the others to come back as she loved all of them very much.

Months later, she and her father were outside the airport to welcome her mother home who rewarded her with an apple she had bought from her trip.


As described by Towa, Mei is smart, honest, and very talented, but is also shy and naïve at times. She is overly optimistic and constantly smiles, just like her mother and adoptive older sister.

Physical description

Mei is a young girl with long brown hair, brown eyes and a warm skin tone. She wears a light pink shirt with a paradise pink line on the cuffs, a dark purple vest over it, a pink skirt, light pink socks, and a pair of paradise pink Mary Jane shoes with a bow. During winter, she wears a white long sleeve turtleneck with rose accents underneath a light pink coat with a dark pink collar and buttons, a rose skirt, white leggings, rose socks and brown boots.


Sōta Higurashi

Sōta is her father. Mei loves her father dearly.

Moe Higurashi

Moe is her mother. Mei loves her mother dearly. She happily welcomed her back from her trip and was rewarded with an apple from the groceries she had brought back with her from her flight.

Towa Higurashi

Towa is her adoptive older sister and half-cousin-in-law. The two of them love each other very much. Towa is extremely protective of her, immediately going to her location after realizing she is crying. Towa also refrains from fighting in Mei’s presence, knowing that it will make her sad.

Mei is not very happy about Towa's choices, such as not being more "feminine", keeping her to never backing down from a fight, although it's mostly because Mei is worried about Towa getting into trouble.

Despite this, Towa would question whether the reason she cares for Mei is because she sees her as a replacement for Setsuna. Nevertheless, when she thought the latter is going to hurt the former, Towa does not hesitate to point her sword towards Setsuna to protect Mei. She also hugs and promises Mei to return once she restores Setsuna’s memories and ability to sleep, showing that Towa truly loves her adoptive sister.


Moroha is Mei's paternal first cousin. Moroha protected her from the demon Mistress Three-Eyes and was disgusted at the minor demon Hitōkon for trying to possess the girl into attacking her family. Mei looks up to Moroha and considers her more as an elder sister than cousin.


Setsuna is Mei's half-cousin-in-law. She appears to be in good terms with her, willing to engage in casual conversation with her cousin. When Mei was initially possessed by the Hitōkon, Setsuna was originally planning to cut it from her eye. But remembering Mei's smile, along with thanking Setsuna for saving her life from Mistress Three-Eyes, causes Setsuna to simply use the anti-demon potion on her instead. She refers to her as one of "three elder sisters" she can play with.

Kagome Higurashi

She has yet to meet her paternal aunt, having heard from her paternal grandmother about how Moroha looks just like her and had a look in her brown eyes similar to that of Kagome's. She had asked whom her grandmother was referring to.


One of Mei's best friends in elementary school. She left her grandparents house to meet up with her after school, noticing a flock strange-sounding crows nearby.

Osamu Kirin

At Haneda Airport, she had a first met with Towa's homeroom teacher. Upon leaving her paternal relative's home to meet up with her best friend Itsumi, she says hello to the bespectacled man as she leaves, which he returns. When leaving her grandparents shine to meet up with her best friend Itsumi, she waved to him, which he returned.


"I'll miss you! Come back, okay? You have to promise that you'll come back! You too, Setsuna! Same for you Moroha! All three of you better come home!"
―Mei Higurashi to Towa, Setsuna and Moroha[src]

Towa: "Come here. I'm gonna miss you, too, Mei. Can't make a promise, but I'll do my best."
Mei: "That's no fair! You have to promise me!"
Towa: "Oh, alright. Once, we get Setuna's dreams back, I'll come home for sure."
―Towa try to promise Mei after get Setsuna's dreams back[src]


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