Meidō Stone (冥道石, めいどうせき, "Dark Path Stone") was a stone that Tōga gave to his first lover before his death. It helped Sesshōmaru in maturing the Meidō Zangetsuha further.


It was never revealed where, how or when Tōga obtained it, but it was the last item that his first mate got from him. He said it would help their son one day, but also cause him great danger. She seemed to really treasure it and always kept it with her.

Eighteen years later, it allowed her to speak with Zero as she was about to pass through to the Underworld due to Setsuna killing her with her budding Blood Blade.

As her granddaughters Towa and Setsuna and her step-granddaughter Moroha are going to use the Windmill of Time to stop the Grim Comet in the modern era, she summon Meidomaru from the Meidō Stone.

Physical description

The Meidō Stone takes on the form of a dark purple jewel that resides in a gold crested pendant with a necklace of large bright sky blue pearls. When active, the stone glows white.

Powers & Abilities

The Meidō Stone bringing young Rin back to life a second time for the sake of her son.

  • Window of the Underworld: The Meidō Stone could allow the user to view what events are going on in Hell, just like the crystal ball.
  • Portals: Like Sō'unga can open the gateway to the Underworld, the Meidō Stone could open and close portals to Hell. Using this ability could allow the wielder to summon demons from Hell to do their bidding.
  • Resurrection: Like the Tenseiga, the Meidō Stone could bring the soul of a dead person back from the Underworld. It is unknown if the stone could resurrect people multiple times, as it was only used once.


  • It was unclear if this was the only Meidō Stone in existence or if there were any others.


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