The Miko fūji (巫女封じ, みこふうじ, "Priestess sealer") was a yōkai that was disguised as a cave. It lured priestesses in order to devour their spiritual power.


Kikyō was traveling to Mount Hakurei in order fulfill Kansuke's dying wish. She came across a crying child near a cave. She approached the child, but she discovered that it was an illusion created by the cave in order to absorb her.

Kagome, after having a fight with Inuyasha, decided to take a walk near the cave. She was lured in the cave after she heard the cry of a child coming from inside. She soon discovered Kikyō, and was told about the Miko fūji. Kagome aided in helping Kikyō escape since she did not have enough souls insider her to move on her own. Kikyō recognized Kagome's great spiritual powers . She insisted that Kagome should abandon her, but Kagome refused. Both are attacked by a swarm of insects in the caves. Kagome managed to destroy most of these insects with Kikyō bow and arrows, but one of her arrows slipped before she could destroy the last insects. Kikyō was able to destroy them with her spiritual powers, but this exhausted her even more.

Kagome took Kikyō to the heart of the yōkai to destroy it. A mass of flesh that was beating descended upon them. Kagome shot an arrow in its center, but it had no effect. An eye emerged from the center, and they it took out tentacles that began to attack Kikyō and Kagome. Kagome tried to use her Shikon jewel shards with her arrow, but the Miko fūji tossed them away from her. She then took the shard that Kansuke had given to Kikyō and puts it in her arrow to attack the heart, but it still had no effect. Kikyō asked Kagome to retrieve the remaining shards. She used the last of her strength to merge the shards into one. She told Kagome that this was her last chance to destroy the yōkai. Kagome shot her arrow at the heart and was able to destroy it, causing the entire cave disappear.

Powers & Abilities

  • Barrier: The Miko fūji is able to put a barrier around itself that would only disappear when it absorbs a priestess.
  • Illusions: It could create illusions in order to lure in its victims. It created an illusion of a child in orer to draw in Kikyō, and created the sound of a child in distress in oder to lure Kagome.