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Wonderful! Everything is perfect! The Silver Pearl is here as well! Now I'll have a Pearl for each of my three, beautiful eyes.

—Mistress Three-Eyes[src]

Mistress Three-Eyes (じょうろう, Mittsume Jōrō, "Three-Eyes Noblewoman/Courtlady") was a character of Hanyō no Yashahime. She was the granddaughter of Mistress Centipede who was the first enemy encountered in the manga.


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Physical Description

Mistress Three-Eyes's initial appearance is practically identical to her grandmother with the only difference being that she has a third eye in her forehead. She is a pale woman, completely naked, with long black hair and small pupils and eyebrows like Japanese princesses. She has six arms and wears no clothing to cover her breasts. Her lower torso is that of a centipede, thus giving her least one hundred feet.

Powers & abilities

  • Enhanced Speed & Agility: Despite her large size Mistress Centipede was rather agile and quick, so she was capable of catching up with most other demons. She usually combines her speed with her large body to entrap her enemies.


  • Her seiyū previously voiced Rokumon of Kyokai no Rinne.
  • Just like her grandmother, she doesn't feel any shame for losing her beauty if it gained her power.

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