"You fools have violated the Shrine of Mitsurugi! Witness the power of a god!"

Mitsurugi (ミツルギ) was a servant of Datara. He had his own shrine in the northern regions.


One of those are keys to open the Datara's gates in Datara's shrine, Janis and her friends need to get her so they'll see Datara.

After Datara has been released and Gorai have returned to him, Mitsurugi and Sugagaki sent Janis and her friends to travel back through time back 1000 AD in the Heian period.


After Mitsurugi and Sugagaki freed from Gorai's control, they will go to heaven.


Mitsurugi is...

Powers and Abilities

  • Kamuitama: Or a Power of a God.
    • Lightning Arrow: TBA
    • Infernal Meteror: TBA
















Mitsurugi: "Ow, that hurts. I can't believe I've been beaten."
Sango: "He may look like a child, but he still had the power of a god."
―Mitsurugi's defeat[src]

Janis: "Do you give up?"
Mitsurugi: "Huh? Is that you? Tsugumi? No, it can't be."
Janis: "Good. You know Tsugumi."
Mitsurugi: "Of course I do. You have Master Datara's Kamuitama. Tsugumi is the only human allowed to carry it. So what is your name?"
Janis: "Hmm...J...Janis."
Mitsurugi: "So, are you a reincarnation of Tsugumi? You carry Master Datara's Kamui. Do you remember anything?"
Janis: "Huh? Well...That's kind of why I'm on this journey. I want to find out, I don't have memories but I have had dreams. Yes...Maybe...That was Datara..."
Mitsurugi: "I see...And? Why did come to me?"
Janis: "Well... I want to see Datara..."
Mitsurugi: "Oh, that's understandable. All right. I'll open the door to Master Datara. How long has it been? 500 years? Hope you two have an emotional reunion!"
―Janis and Mitsurugi[src]

"Have you found Sugagaki? In order to see Master Datara, you'll have to meet with Sugagaki as well."
―Mitsurugi to Janis and her friends to see her at Sugagaki Waterfall[src]

Mitsurugi: "That's not entirely true. Datara isn't the god of demons."
Janis: "I thought Janis' Kamui have been able to removed the demon's mask from Datara, but I see it did not happen."
Inuyasha: "What's that supposed to mean? Be more specific."
Sugagaki: "It would be better if you all saw for yourselves."
―Mitsurugi and Sugagaki were surprised that Janis have failed to remove the mask before remove Lightning Sealing Arrow[src]

"What are you going to do now? As for us, we're just satisfied that Datara has revived. But something tells me you have much left undone."

Sugagaki: "Hey Mitsurugi."
Mitsurugi: "Huh? What did you say?"
Sugagaki: "No, it's nothing."
―Mitsurugi and Sugagaki[src]

Mitsurugi: "Oh, there you are."
Janis: "What do you mean, "there you are"? Does that mean you remember us?"
Mitsurugi: "Of course. But if you want all the details, you're going to have to ask Sugagaki. By the way, Tsugumi left right before you came. Did you see her?"
Janis: "No, we didn't. Tsugumi was here?"
Mitsurugi: "Yes. But she left right away. She said something about sensing a demon. I guess she's gone demon-hunting again."
Janis: "Demon-hunting... Why is she doing something so dangerous by herself?"
Mitsurugi: "Don't ask me... I mean, we have no reason to after the demons in the first place."
Janis: "No reason?"
Mitsurugi: "Well, the demons that she's hunting may be referred to as demons, but they're actually closer to being godly presences. Some of them even protect the peace of their land. And, just to let you know, it's not just humans that worship Datara, but also demons. In Datara's eyes, humans and demons are the same."
Janis: "But..."
―Mitsurugi knows her from the future[src]

"You needn't worry about Tsugumi. At least, until the wedding day..."

Mitsurugi: "Oh good, you're back. How was it?"
Janis: "Well..."
Mitsurugi: "What are experienced was a reproduction of the past. Everything that happened was real. Except of course, back then, we were the ones who fought the demons."
―Mitsurugi tells Janis what she saw[src]

"Wasn't Tsugumi amazing? It's a real shame that she was only a human. After the incident at the wedding, Tsugumi was chased by demons and ran away to the south. I heard from the wind god that she was killed there."

"(laughs) You're really strong. I'm impressed. Well, our work is finished. It's time for us to return to heavens. I hope we can meet again."
―Mitsurugi's last words[src]



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