Miyatsu (やつ) was the paternal grandfather of Miroku, who was the first in Miroku's family line to be cursed by the hanyō Naraku to bear the Kazaana, which was eventually passed down the generations to Miroku's father and Miroku.


Miyatsu vs Naraku

Miyatsu vs. Naraku.

When he was young, around fifty years ago, Miyatsu found out that was a particular yōkai known as Naraku who killed Kikyō, the miko who protected the Shikon no Tama. For this reason, he had been fighting against that yōkai over the course of several years.

Each time they fought, Naraku took on the form of a different human. During their last encounter, at that time disguised as a beautiful young woman, Naraku cursed him with the Kazaana in his right hand.[4]

He has an apprentice, Mushin, and trained him. He was also the one who first sealed Kaguya within her own mirror. He wrote down his encounter with her in his will and instructed Mushin to give it to the descendant of his that would defeat Naraku.[3]

He died after he was sucked into his Kazaana, as he let his apprentice to take care of his son.


Miyatsu grave

Miyatsu's grave (movie only).

After his grandson Miroku sucked Kaguya with his Wind Tunnel and the destruction of the Dream Castle of the Pentacle Mirror in Lake Motosu has disappeared, Miroku tells his grandfather that the defeat of Kaguya is for him.[3]


According to Miroku, he was, like his son and grandson, quite the ladies' man, a lecher.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Immense buddhist power: Though not often mentioned throughout the series, Miyatsu was depicted as having immense skill as a holy-man and powerful spiritual abilities. Naraku evidently feared his spiritual powers to such a point that he cursed him with the Kazaana. Miyatsu's spiritual abilities were so great, he was able to seal and effectively defeat Kaguya, a daiyōkai of insurmountable power within her own mirror. Though while it is important to note that she did not possess her Celestial Robes in the moment's time, thus weakening her, it still was an exemplary feat given that she was still a formidable daiyōkai with her own natural demonic powers. Miyatsu stands ground as one of the most powerful spiritualists mentioned in the series thus far.
  • Kazaana: The Kazaana, or Wind Tunnel, was a curse placed upon Miyatsu by Naraku that was to be passed down through the male line in his family. The curse pierced the palm of the monk, and resulted in a black hole or void which sucked everything in range into it, creating a terrible sucking wind in the process. The Kazaana eventually grew to such a size that it sucked in its host, which doomed Miyatsu and Miroku's father. The Kazaana also suppressed some of its host's spiritual powers.


  • Sacred sutras: These "Jufu Talismans" were strips of paper upon which special prayers have been written and prayed over, imbuing them with spiritual power and energy against specific evil. Each sutra had a special prayer, and thus was tailored for a specific purpose such as general protection, good luck, safe travel, removing a ghost or spirit, or sealing off a demon or spirit. Miyatsu's family, and many other monks, used them in their work to "exorcise" ghosts and demons from locations and people alike.
  • Shakujō: In Japan, the Shakujō staff is still used by monks, pilgrims, and practitioners of Shugendou, a school of Buddhism teaching spiritual practices in the mountains. A yamabushi or mountain priest may use it for magic or exorcism. In the Shingon and Tendai sects, the Shakujō is used as a ritual object in special ceremonies, much like the Tibetan Dorje.

Media appearances[]


  • Chapter 54 (First appearance) (Appears in a flashback)


  • Episode 16 (First appearance) (Appears in a flashback)


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