Modern era (現代, げんだい, "Gendai") is a term used loosely to describe the time period from which Kagome Higurashi originates, 500 years in the future from Inuyasha's search for the Shikon Jewel during the Sengoku jidai. Kagome and Inuyasha are apparently the only people who can travel between the two worlds, which they do through the use of the Bone-Eater's Well. Kagome returns periodically from the past to play catch-up at school, but she eventually leaves it behind permanently to live with Inuyasha.

In Hanyō no Yashahime, four-year-old Towa ends up in the modern era following the separation from her beloved twin sister. She spends the next decade under the care of Kagome's younger brother and his wife, and became to adopted elder sister to their young daughter Mei. Many months later, the true form and strength of the Grim Comet is gradually approaching towards Tokyo with the intent of annihilating humankind who will remain completely oblivious to their imminent extinction since normal human beings cannot see it. To stop this threat, Towa returns to her adopted time with her twin sister Setsuna and first half-cousin Moroha to spare humanity from being destroyed and being dominated by Kirinmaru as well, who plans to hail as a god in the eyes of humanity, with the help of Towa's homeroom teacher and Kirinmaru's second incarnation, Osamu Kirin who wishes to spare humankind as he admires at how much their culture has evolved over the centuries without the constant presence of demons.

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  • In the movie Affections Touching Across Time since Hyōga's Tree of Ages steals energy from various generations and rituals, as what Kikyō said, "By now, other generations of time have already frozen over." as she warns Kagome that "Your era has likely been plunged into a never-ending winter."
  • The movie Swords of an Honorable Ruler implied demons became extinct around 300 years before the modern era. It's possible there was a mass extermination of demons by the human race with the introduction of more advanced technology, or demons simply hid themselves as humanity flourished.
    • All demons but one is the Tatarimokke, or the Soul Piper from Episode 12 has survived around 300 years before the modern era.
  • For an unknown reason, hanyō do not experience a loss of the demonic powers in this era during the night of the new moon because of the environment, but in the feudal era has no environment but fresh air. Though Myōga theorized it may be due to not being native to the era.
  • In "The Dream Gazing Trap", Kyūki had called the modern era the "reiwa world" which it is also in "The Collapse of the Windmill of Time."


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