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You're a prodigy that comes once in a hundred years, no, more like once in five hundred years! You know, you can probably become a worldwide violinist like me.

—Moe Higurashi setting big expectations for Setsuna[src]

Moe Higurashi (日暮ひぐらしもえ) is Sōta's wife, Towa's adoptive mother and half-aunt-in-law, and Mei's mother. She is also the sister-in-law of Kagome Higrashi, and maternal aunt-in-law of quarter dog-demon Moroha.


Moe married Sōta Higurashi, and the two of them had a daughter named Mei. She knows how to play the violin and piano, and recorded the melancholy lullaby Setsuna had played on her violin.

Several months later, she gives a concert with the 6x's as the guest violinist, and received her niece, adoptive daughter/half-niece-in-law and other half-niece-law back.


Moe is a kind woman, very passionate about music. She is also a very accepting individual, as she believed Sōta's stories about Kagome and Inuyasha that he told her sometime either before or after getting married (even after high school). She is seen to be a very nurturing woman who places a great deal of importance on family, as she eagerly accepted her adoptive daughter's twin sister into her family as well as her niece, Moroha. Unlike many of the humans in the Feudal Era, Moe doesn’t bear any prejudice towards half and quarter-demons, loving Towa as her own daughter and happily welcoming Moroha and Setsuna into her family as well.

Physical description

Moe is a fair-skinned woman with long brown hair that is tied into a braid by a yellow ribbon. She has her eyes always closed to the point of squinting.


Moe wears a light green long-sleeved t-shirt, a long purple skirt, tan pantyhose, and light yellow sandals or flats. During winter, she wears a dark blue long sleeve turtleneck underneath a light yellow coat with dark yellow accents, a long lilac skirt, and long brown boots.

For her concerts, Moe wears a long royal black dress and her hair is loose instead of tied.

When she was pregnant of Mei, Moe wears an orange sleeveless dress over a pale yellow shirt with the long sleeves folded at the end, and brown flats with dark gray soles.

Powers and Abilities

  • Musician: Moe is quite adept at playing the piano and violin very well, enough so that she will be in her very own concert as its violinist.


Sōta Higurashi

Sōta is Moe's husband. The two are shown to rely on one another for support and are very close. She apparently believed the stories Sōta disclosed to her about Inuyasha and the Bone-Eater's Well, displaying a very trusting relationship.

Mei Higurashi

Mei is Moe’s biological daughter. Moe has a typical mother-daughter relationship with Mei, and is very loving towards her daughter. She is also comforting towards her as well, consoling her when she began crying after Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha journeyed to the Feudal Era. Moe, likewise, loves her mother dearly.

Towa Higurashi

Towa is Moe’s adoptive daughter and half-niece-in-law, having raised her with Sōta ever since he found her at the Higurashi household. Despite knowing that she was a half-demon, Moe happily accepted Sōta’s decision to adopt her and loved her as if she were her own. Moe has also shown to be very forgiving and lenient towards Towa, despite her tendency to get into fights with bullies at school. Every time she came home after a fight, Moe would play her violin to relax Towa. Like Sōta, she was proud and happy for Towa to return to the feudal era and looked forward to her eventual return. Towa, in turn, loves her foster mother dearly and is grateful for having raised her.


Moroha is Moe's niece-in-law. They first met when Moroha visiting the modern era for the first time. Together with Sōta, Moe suspects that she may be Kagome's daughter (according to Ms. Higurashi). The aunt is quite friendly to her newfound niece, but it seems that Moe is really confused by Moroha's primitive habits (for example, appearing naked after a shower in front of other people).


Setsuna is her half-niece-in-law and Moe knew that she's Towa's twin sister and another half-demon. After traveling to the modern era and visiting for three days, Setsuna is taught how to play the violin by Moe. She quickly excels at playing it to the point where Moe considers her to by a prodigy.


"Yes you did. I've always believed you so that's not an issue. Although, this Kikujūmonji on the other hand, I had been holding on to this for the museum for safekeeping."
―Moe Higurashi[src]

"Oh! That would mean we have a new relative on our hands."
―Moe Higurashi, felt surprised for the family from the feudal era[src]


  • Moe's trait of always having her eyes closed is similar to Tamako from another of Rumiko Takahashi's series Kyōkai no Rinne.
  • She and her daughter have the same names of Shun Mitaka and Asuna Kujō's children from Maison Ikkoku.
  • Sōta had told her at some point about Kagome's adventure, given how rather quickly she accepts the craziness of Moroha and Setsuna's arrival.

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