Moegi (萌黄もえぎ, "Yellow Sprout/Light Green") was a hanyō from Hōrai Island.


As a young child, Moegi survived the Four War Gods attack on the island and received the Mark of the Shitōshin to prevent her from ever escaping. She was destined to be used as fodder for the War Gods' own purposes until Inuyasha's group saved her and the other half-demon children. When Inuyasha destroys the Cauldron of Resonance, she is the one to suggest building raft to get them off the island. At the end of the film, she sets out with the other remaining half-demon children to live in the outside world.


Moegi is wise beyond her years and knows most everything about Hōrai Island. She is probably the most shy of the children, for she barely even speaks during the course of the movie. She always wears a blank expression and speaks in a soft, quiet, monotonous manner. She doesn't usually assert herself in conversation or action.

Physical description

Moegi is a very young, small child. She has olive green hair that is in two ponytails lying on both shoulders, tied with tan-orange bands. She also has bangs that stop just above her eyebrows. Her eyes are also green, and she has pale skin. Her half-demon part shows through the extremely small red horns poking out just above her bangs on either side.


Moegi wears a green dress that has barely visible sleeves. The shade of green is practically the same as her eyes. She is barefoot like the other half-demon children on the island.

Powers & Abilities

  • Healer: Towards the end of the fourth film we see that the Miko Kaede teaching Moegi, which herbs are used as medicinal herbs.
  • Immense Durability: In the fourth film, large parts of Hōrai island was by Gōra and the true form of Shitōshin be destroyed. However, although several flashes and explosions in the vicinity of the children, these are hardly injured. Also of Ryūra to be thrown through the air and bouncing hard, has barely protested added Moegi and the other half-demons.
  • Longevity: Moegi has not grown older for a period of fifty years. And it is implied that she has been on Hōrai Island for centuries.


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