You guys are demon slayers? Who knew there was a job for something like that? I mean I had no idea. So, I guess you're here to "slay" me, Beniyasha? *chuckle* Don't make me laugh. You guys could never beat me. Not in a million years! In fact, I'll turn you all into lunch for my Kurikaramaru! Better get ready!

—Moroha to the yōkai taijiya.[src]

Moroha (もろは) is the tritagonist and one of the titular characters in Hanyō no Yashahime. She is the only daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi, a quarter-yōkai (shihanyō) bounty hunter who slays yōkai and sells their parts to other yōkai slayers.


Baby Moroha and Kagome

Mohora as baby receiving her paternal grandmother's Beni from her mother.

Moroha was born as the quarter-yōkai daughter of Inuyasha, a hanyō, and Kagome, a human, four years after Kagome's return from the modern era and her marriage to Inuyasha. During her pregnancy with Moroha, Kagome learned from Riku that Zero intended to kill her unborn child and newborn half-nieces because of Tōga's prophecy of the Shikon Jewel (since it had been disappeared 7 years prior after the battle with Naraku) which stated that a being that is neither human nor yōkai would ultimately bring about the predestined demise of her late paternal grandfather's rival- Lord Kirinmaru of the Dawn in the Eastern Lands.

Shortly after Moroha was born, Inuyasha and Kagome had Hachiemon take her away to safety in order to protect her from Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru. Before leaving, Kagome gives Moroha the Beni as a parting gift. Afterwards, Sesshōmaru stole the second Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye and sealed Inuyasha and Kagome at the Border of the Afterlife. As a result, Moroha ended up in the care of the Wolf Demon Tribe and grew up knowing very little about her parents.

Moroha was mentored by Yawaragi, who eventually sold her to the corpse dealer Jyūbei. As part of their deal, Moroha gained possession of Yawargi's sword, the Kurikaramaru. Moroha was employed by Jyūbei as a demon bounty hunter until Yawargi's debt was paid off. She gains the nicknames Beniyasha (べニしゃ, "Crimson Demon"), and Bake-goroshi no Moroha (化けごろしのもろは, "Moroha the Demon Killer").

During the story[]

When Moroha was in the mountains waiting for her next target to appear, she was confronted by group of yōkai taijiya, including Kohaku and his sororal nephew, due to the rumors of a yōkai rampaging through a nearby village. Just as Hisui was about to confront her, Kohaku stopped him and asked Moroha if she was after the real culprit, to which she confirmed she was not, but was still prepared to attack them due to them having provoked her. Moroha then took out a shell compact containing a mysterious rouge with a Red Pearl at the center and was about to apply some to her lips, but was suddenly confronted by Setsuna.

As the two of them battled, Setsuna's right eye began to mysteriously glow, apparently reacting to Moraha's red pearl. It was then that the ōmukade Mistress Three-Eyes appeared from underground and attempted to obtain Moroha and Setsuna's pearls, which caused an abrupt end to the fight. Moroha engaged Mistress Three-Eyes with her sword Kurikaramaru, but it was unable to cut her. Moroha then followed up with a barrage of sacred arrows. They had manage to strike Mistress Three-Eyes, but she still managed to telekinetically steal Moroha's pearl and swallowed it, thus increasing her power. Afterwards, Mistress Three-Eyes turned her attention towards Setsuna and attempted to claim her pearl as well, but later managed to escape with the aid of Hisui and Kirara.

The three of them then lured her to Kaede with the hopes that she could purify her. As they approached Kaede's village, Setsuna decided to fight Mistress Three-Eyes since she was her target. As they began to fight, Moroha interfered and claimed that Mistress Three-Eyes was her target from the start. Setsuna simply ignored Moroha and charged towards Mistress Three-Eyes, but was unable to kill her. Mistress Three-Eyes then restrained Setsuna and managed to steal her pearl and become much stronger. As Mistress Three-Eyes was about to kill Setsuna, the Goshinboku near where they were fighting suddenly opened up a portal and transported them, as well as Moroha, to the Higurashi shrine in the Modern era where she had a first meeting with her mother's family. Towa helped them kill Mistress Three-Eyes and Hitōkon, and Setsuna and Moroha stayed with her mother's family at Sōta's, Moe's, and Mei's apartment for three days.

Moroha made a deal with the demon that resided in the Tree of Ages, Ne no Kubi. When the trio passed through the Tree of Ages to return to the Feudal Era, they encountered the Spirit of the Tree of Ages that took the form of the late priestess Kikyō. The spirit asked them to kill the demon Kirinmaru, who was attempting to twist time, but that would also mean killing Sesshōmaru.

Towa and Setsuna refused and were thrust into a confrontation with Ne no Kubi, and destroyed it for good. They returned to the Feudal Era and were drawn into conflict with the Shikyō that served under Kirinmaru. The first was Tōkotsu and his son Jakotsumaru, who were dispatched by Moroha and Setsuna laid Tōkotsu's soul to rest with a prayer she had learned from Miroku years ago, though she didn't know who he was.


Although she inherited a cheerful and friendly personality from her mother, Moroha also has a dangerous temper that she inherited from her father, and when rampaging is known as the kuni-kuzushi no beniyasha (国崩しの紅夜叉, "Crimson Night Demon of National Destruction"). She may have learned some of her rowdy behavior from her years living with the Wolf Demon Tribe.

Like her father and mother, she can be impulsive with her actions, such as attacking without thinking, which can leave her open after attacking an enemy. In addition, she seems to lack a sense of modesty as she does not mind being seen naked.

Moroha is openly unaware of her parentage, despite their prominent roles in the events preceding her birth. Despite this, she appears completely unhindered by this lack of knowledge, and even when presented with the idea of learning about her mother seems completely uninterested, whether or not there is more to this than she lets on is so far unknown.

Due to being on her own, she felt a sense of loneliness in both as a quarter demon and in social life. When she met Setsuna and Towa she felt for the first time that she had made friends (unaware that they are her cousins at the time) her own age, as well as getting to know her own family better. When she encountered Rion at Mount Musubi, she was quick to befriend the girl, showing her innate kindness when not in battle.

Due to her years as a bounty hunter, Moroha is very knowledgeable about various yōkai. She is proud of her reputation as a bounty hunter to the point she refuses to apologize for mistakenly killing the wrong target or being falsely accused of a bounty's demise. Moroha is initially showed as greedy toward money, but as the show progressed it was revealed that her constant need for money comes from the fact she owes a large debt to Jyūbei, which by her own words takes most of her earnings away leaving her with just the basic to feed herself. The reason why she is in such a big debt is because her master, Yawaragi sold her when she was eleven years old which resulted in her debt.

Moroha has shown to be very smart and analytical, quick in reading her surroundings as well as being a mediator towards the twins. This is shown with her quickly linking up of Setsuna's lack of sleep and memory loss to the Dream Butterfly, which made Towa start her goal to find the latter, as well as helping Towa understand her ability to absorb yōki and figuring out the twins were being possessed by Kinka and Ginka. She has also shown an ability for problem solving as she was able to find out a way to return to the feudal era by tricking Ne no Kubi into letting them back. She was also smart enough to figure out how to make pancakes, but equally dense as to stuff lots of food in her mouth at once; requiring a whack to her head to stop her choking.

During her time in the modern era, Moroha quickly adapted at learning her maternal great-grandfather's taijutsu, and using Sōta's credit card and pin number to purchase a suitcase-sized bag of items she claims to be useful back in the feudal era, including several food items, a butterfly net, a copy of "New Social Studies and History" (though she had no idea she had bought it in the first place), a telescope, and a bike, displaying yet again her adaptability as well as her recklessness when it comes to handling someone else's money.

As a quarter dog-demon, she has the instincts and sharpened senses of a canine.

Physical description[]

Moroha is a young woman of rather short stature with long black hair that is tied into a ponytail, with two locks of it sticking out on each side of her face. Due to the thinness of her blood being 25% demon, Moroha doesn't show any visible demonic traits (unlike her father, she has human ears), other than slightly enlarged canines, clawed fingernails, and her demonic power. Besides of her hair color, she has also inherited Kagome's skin tone and eyes, but her facial features mostly resemble Inuyasha's, who, in-turn, resembles his late mother, Izayoi.

As Beniyasha (besides of wearing red rouge on her bottom lip), her eyes become gold like her father's and gain lavender markings on the outer corners, her fangs become occasionally sharper, and her body emits a thick red aura.


Moroha wears a Robe of the Fire-Rat, similar to her father's, although she has modified hers by shortening its sleeves and leggings. She also wears a white hadagi undershirt, a dark red ragged cape with black seams, a red hair bow, a pair of red leg warmers with black ribbons, and red fingerless gloves. Her garment takes inspiration from the Wolf-Demon Tribe's clothing. Like her father, Moroha is barefooted.

During the ending theme Transparent World, she wears green shirt, with pink strap-pants, socks and shoes, and wears glasses.

During the ending theme Anaaki no Sora, she wears the same outfit as her mother's, Kikyō's, and Kaede's.

Back at the modern era in the Reiwa era through the Windmill of Time, Moroha wears the pink winter coat with black which used to be her mother's, the ragged cape covering her longbow and arrows with a blue strap, and getas.

Powers and Abilities[]

Moroha is both an archer and sword-fighter, just like her parents. She has apparently inherited some of her mother's spiritual power, as she can infuse her arrows with such sacred and holy energy to purify/annihilate her target from a distance.

  • Enhanced Sense of Smell: Like her father, Moroha has a stronger sense of smell than humans. She could easily detect a yōkai disguised as a human.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Like her father, Moroha's stamina far exceeded human standards despite being a quarter yōkai. She was able to run and leap vast distances at great speeds without slowing down, as seen when she rescued Towa who had been captured by the shogunate adviser from the Kantō region.
  • Demonic Aura Sensitivity: Moroha can feel demonic energies. When she met Setsuna, she immediately noticed that she was a hanyō. She later recognized Towa as a hanyō, too. Moroha also told Setsuna that Towa was telling the truth when she claims to be her sister because their two auras were very similar. Moroha also realized that they must both be the daughters of Sesshōmaru.
  • Appraisal: Moroha is also quick to recognize items of value, such as Setsuna's weapon, Grandpa Higurashi's relics, and her uncle Sōta's credit card. Just as quickly, she sees that Towa's weapon is not the genuine treasure that those in the modern era believed it to be.
    • Blacksmithing: As Jyūbei's student and laborer, Moroha knows how to sharpen/maintain a weapon and is very proud of it, she even can create an arrow for herself.
  • Claws: When using her full demonic power, Moroha is capable of using one of her father's signature moves, Sankon Tessō (さんこんてっそう, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, "Soul-Scattering Iron Claws").
  • Blood Solidification: When using her full demonic powers, Moroha is able to use one of her father's two signature techniques/attacks, Hijin Kessō (じんけっそう, Blades of Blood, "Flying Blade Blood Claws"). Although she has demonstrated the ability to use this technique in her normal state as well, it is considerably weaker.
  • Levitation: Through the temporarily evolution of her full demonic strength from her grandmother's rouge, Moroha was shown to be capable of hovering about eleven inches with a crimson red aura surrounding her body.
  • Master Swordswoman: Through her training with the Wolf Demon Tribe, Moroha is demonstrably skilled in sword combat, although she tends to prefer using her bow and claws in battle.
  • Spiritual Powers: Like her mother, Moroha does possess a modicum of spiritual power, enough so that she can make use of sacred arrows and is able to wield sacred objects such as purification salt against yōkai. Thus far, she is the only known entity with yōkai blood capable of using this power. That said, Moroha's sacred power is significantly less than her mother's. Kirinmaru, an extremely powerful demon, noted that Moroha's sacred power attack possessed remarkable force, suggesting that her spiritual power at the time was weakened by the presence of the Red Rainbow Pearl that she possessed. Ever since receiving a longbow from her parents, her powers seem to have further increased in effectiveness somewhat, being supercharged by its mere presence.
    • Purification: Like her sacred arrows, she alone can project spiritual energy from her hands that can destroy/pacify demonic entities and spirits of vile nature from a distance.
    • Spiritual Energy Barrier: Inherit from her upper-level miko human mother, Moroha can create a low-level pale blue barrier out of pure spiritual energy by sticking talisman parchments onto a solid surface, as Monk Miroku does with his.
    • Spiritual Demonic Energy Barrier Penetration: Moroha has briefly entered the Sacred Tree of Ages via Mount Musubi's barrier due to her spiritual powers being quite strong.
    • World Reversal: Moroha learned from Miroku as she shouted its counterattack, and it turn back to right side up to make the attack to direct it back to Shōgen Mamiana.
    • Spiritual Healing: Like other miko, she could heal those of certain illness and dark spiritual energies from their bodies, though has not yet demonstrated this useful spiritual ability.
  • Master Archer and Markswoman: Like her mother, Moroha is highly skilled in the ways of archery, and often relies on spiritually-charged arrows when fighting an opponent at range.
  • Spiritual Insight: Moroha has the unique ability to see the Time Spirit of the Windmill of Time, Akuru.


  • Robe of the Fire-Rat: A red colored garment which protects the wearer from burning flames and other external forces.
  • Kurikaramaru: Moroha's primary weapon, a mid-length sword containing a dragon crest along its blade, its hilt wrapped in red, and finished with bronze.
    • Kōryūha (紅龍破, Crimson Dragon Wave, "Red Dragon Destruction"): Thrown from the sword, an energy attack capable of striking through open air or erupting along the ground.
    • Crimson Backlash Wave: Very similar to Backlash Wave, this special technique sends one's own demonic attack right back at them, destroying them with their own demonic energy and that of Kurikaramaru's.
      • After Kirinmaru uses the barrier to reflect her enhanced Crimson Dragon Wave, Moroha use the attack to turn the attack back on Kirinmaru.
  • The sheath of Kurikaramaru: Thus far, a normal-looking black sheath for her sword.
  • Bow and arrows: Her secondary choice of weaponry, Moroha infuses her spiritual energy into the arrows to attack her opponents from a distance with a normal shortbow.
    • Sacred Arrow: Similar to her mother, Moroha is able to fire sacred arrows. Her arrow flies in the air, where it splits into several arrows and homing on the enemy to hit it, which was greatly reduced by the red Rainbow Pearl, but were eventually given a major boost since using the longbow her parents made for her.
      • Tenkū no Yabusuma (天空の矢襖, "Heavenly Arrow Barrage"): Moroha shoots a sealing arrow in the air, which creates a barrage of sacred arrows that rain down on the enemy.
      • Portal of Mount Musubi's Barrier: Moroha use the Sacred Arrow to open the portal of Mount Musubi's barrier to the Border of the Afterlife to see her parents, and after reunite with Towa, she use it again as she tells it that the modern era is an illusion.[6]
      • Double Sacred Wind Scar: This attack is a combination of Inuyasha's Wind Scar and Kagome's and Moroha's sacred arrows, which consists of Kagome firing two sacred arrows, followed by Inuyasha's Wind Scar in Episode 41.
    • Towa's Umbrella (briefly): Moroha borrowed her half-cousin Towa's umbrella to reflect Zero's Azusa no Yumihari to make her Crimson Dragon Wave hit her again in conjunction her ultimate Crimson Backlash Wave ability.[7]
  • Sacred Longbow: Given to her by her parents, it seems to help in magnifying Moroha's already strong spiritual powers to slightly higher power levels, even though it was constructed out of demonic materials. This greatly enhances the effects and targeting accuracy of her sacred arrow, enabling it to easily break the enemy's weapon and greatly weaken them enough to reveal their threads of fate to others.

After applying the rouge, Moroha becomes Beniyasha

  • Shell Compact: Moroha holds a white shell-shaped makeup compact similar to the one owned by her late paternal grandmother, which was found and reconstructed, with difficulty by Hōsenki II, a few hours before before she was born.
    • Tōga's Beni: In the compact, she keeps a small amount of her paternal grandfather's rouge. When she rubs the rouge on her lips, it allows her to temporarily access the full power of her innermost dog-demon heritage and become Beniyasha for just sixty seconds. Seemingly it replenishes itself.
      • Demonic Energy Projection: At one point, her natural demonic energy took on the form of her late grandfather, due to being right in the area where Tōga had perished two hundred-and-fourteen years ago.[8]
    • Red Rainbow Pearl (formerly): A small red jewel that contains mystical powers which she keeps hidden in a shell compact. She stole it from Tōkotsu's corpse. According to Kirinmaru, it only diminished her innate spiritual power; suppressing them from displaying their highest potential and of what they were truly capable of.
      • Time Travel: Like her parents, Moroha can travel through time between the five-century long modern and feudal era via the Sacred Tree of Ages itself.
  • Mummified kappa hand: A gift from Grandpa Higurashi (her maternal great-grandfather), which she immediately recognizes as valuable. She uses it to free her group from being drained by Root Head.
  • Purification Salt: Stemming from her mixed heritage (and being three-quarters human of exceptional miko status), Moroha is not harmed by exorcism materials. As such she can hide purification salt in her mouth and charge it with a low-level of her innate spiritual powers that glow a pale blue instead of light lilac/lavender.
  • Swiss Army knife: Brought back with her from the modern era, Moroha carries a multi-tool pocketknife concealed in her ponytail, which she uses for covert tactics such as lockpicking and creating spyholes.[9]


  • Demonic Energy Exhaustion: Due to being 75% human, Moroha's demonic energy is weaker than her father's; though she is strong enough to take out average yōkai, like due to her grandfather being a daiyōkai. When Moroha applies the Beni to her lips, it brings out the full power of her demonic heritage, allowing her to become as strong as her father in his base state; however, the increase in strength only lasts for about one minute and it severely drains her, knocking her out for a full day. It has even been shown that a sufficiently powerful opponent can not only overpower her even with the full power of her demonic heritage unleashed but even greatly decrease the amount of time she could stay in her demonic form if their attacks hit her, as shown when she fought Kirinmaru, who easily forced her back to her normal form with a single blast of demonic energy.
  • Poison Air and Venom Water: Unlike her father, Moroha is vulnerable to the shōki and poisonous liquid from other yōkai.
  • Demonic Blood: At age 11, Moroha ended up going feral when she applied her rouge to combat the Birds of Paradise. This was what caused Yawaragi to get the scars on her face. Her mentor even forbade Moroha from using the rouge as it would eat away at her humanity. However, that was not the case after three years later as she was able control of her blood simultaneously.



Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi

Moroha finally meets her mother.

Inuyasha and Kagome are Moroha's parents. She knows very little about them, as they sent her away before battling Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru. Before being sent away, Moroha received her paternal grandmother's Beni as a parting gift, as Inuyasha and Kagome decided to pass it on if their child was a girl. Inuyasha and Kagome loved their daughter dearly and were saddened to be separated from her. She is aware of who her parents are but she believes her parents are dead so there is no point in obsessing over them about their whereabouts. However, when she crosses the Border of the Afterlife where her paternal grandfather’s tomb is located, she sees her parents. She sheds tears as she realizes who they are, seemingly relieved to know they are alive, from which point she becomes noticeably more interested in learning about them and what happened to them, with the intention of trying to get them back.


Inuyasha carrying Moroha.

After being sent into the Black Pearl along with Towa and Setsuna, Moroha meets Kagome up close for the first time. She asks Kagome if it really is her. When Kagome first approached her with a skeptical look on her face, she was at first, frightnened especially when she took a better look at her face. Kagome realizes that the person before is indeed her daughter, she begins to cry and embraces Moroha for the first time since infancy. Moroha recognizes her scent as something "familiar" as she remembers smelling it from a long time ago and begins to cry. Kagome apologizes to her daughter for leaving her for so long and Moroha hugs her back, as she seems to forgive her. Later Inuyasha approaches Kagome embracing their daughter and is shocked. Moroha realizes that the man looking at her is her father and she addresses as him "Dad." The interaction quickly grows tense as the two quickly descend into canine-like hostility towards each other, which is quickly defused by Kagome and Towa. After Inuyasha calms down and embraces his daughter, Moroha is quickly overwhelmed by unfamiliar feelings, ultimately breaking down into a sobbing fit as she hugs her father.

Inuyasha also is shown to listen to his daughter and act on her input; when Rion and the Grim Butterfly arrive at Mamiana Island and are on the verge of purifying the island's tanuki, Inuyasha's first impulse is to use Meido Zangetsuha to suck the threat into a black hole. While Inuyasha is unmoved by Riku's appeal, he relents after Moroha tells him that she and her cousins had promised to save Rion.

Towa Higurashi
Moroha and Towa

Towa is her paternal half-cousin. The two first met in their teens after Moroha and Setsuna were forcibly sent to modern-day Tokyo. Moroha somehow knew that Towa is Sesshōmaru's daughter, whereas Towa didn't know about it. She also explained to Towa what hanyō are and revealed that she is one of them too.

After learning of twins separation, Moroha shows a certain degree of sympathy towards Towa, such as chastising Setsuna for attacking her sister, and is willing to help Towa in her quest to find the Dream Butterfly.

Though far more civil and friendly towards her than Setsuna, Moroha also considers her to be soft and naive. Before they returned to the Feudal era, she rudely tells Towa to not back down during fighting. She also repeatedly chastises her whenever she lets her guard down and become vulnerable to attack. Like with Setsuna, she is also annoyed by Towa's pacifistic nature and would yell at Towa to kill her enemies. When Takechiyo says Towa is the most reliable of the three, Moroha reacts with disdain and even calls Towa useless.

However, as the two continued traveling together, Moroha grew to become genuinely fond of her cousin. This is shown when she became visibly upset when Towa refuses to join her in one of her bounty hunting jobs. She also began to take Towa's well-being more seriously, tenderly taking care of and protecting her during her human transformation in new moon, as well as showing worry whenever a twin is in danger.

After killing her own master, Moroha, in a rare open display of emotional vulnerability, tells both her cousins about her own insecurities. But soon cheered up after hearing Towa's open support. In her heart, she tells her deceased master to not worry about her as she has Towa by her side, showing that Moroha has come to love her cousin.

Moroha later on showed her strong compassion for Towa by understanding her wrath towards Kirinmaru after Setsuna's death and happily offering her support to her, displaying repeated concern for Towa in the battle.

Later on when Towa used the Zanseiken to free Rion from her past and Osamu Kirin, Moroha was devastated over her self-sacrifice until Rion restored her body and was relived to see her alive once more.

Moroha and Setsuna

Setsuna is her paternal half-cousin. She first met Setsuna during a demon slaying mission, where the latter wrongly believed her to be guilty of attacking a village. Moroha herself would express a liking towards Setsuna's naginata, opining that the latter should have no qualms of surrendering it over to Moroha if she bests Setsuna fairly in a fight. Moroha also somehow knows that Setsuna is Sesshōmaru's daughter based on her yōki, whereas Setsuna didn't know about it.

Throughout their first encounter, Moroha would constantly interfere with Setsuna's fights and teasingly calls her Setsuna-chan ("Setsu"). She also tries to prevent a fight between the twins and chastised Setsuna for attacking Towa.

The two would continue to collaborate throughout the series. Though polar opposites in terms of personality, Moroha surprisingly gets along well with Setsuna. This is probably because Setsuna has a battle philosophy similar to hers when compared to Towa. As such, Moroha has high respect for Setsuna and would often seek her out for help in battle. Though she stopped refering her as Setsuna-chan, she still enjoys teasing her, as shown during her comment towards Setsuna's modern-day dress and sneakingly attempt to put a earphone in her ear. Similar to her relationship with Towa, it is implied that her fondness of Setsuna only grew as she spends more time with her. Though initially contemptuous about accepting solo bounty hunting jobs, she became genuinely upset when Setsuna refused to join her later on.

After killing her own master, Moroha, in a rare open display of emotional vulnerability, tells both her cousins about her own insecurities. But soon cheered up after hearing Setsuna's open support. In her heart, she tells her deceased master to not worry about her as she has Setsuna by her side, showing that Moroha has come to love her cousin.

When Setsuna was murdered by Kirinmaru, Moroha's feelings of grief and anger over her cousin's death allowed her to fully master her Beniyasha form and she fearlessly challenged Kirinmaru alongside Towa, stating openly Setsuna was a dear comrade of hers and she wants to help avenge her death too. After being defeated, Moroha cried out in sorrow, pure regret and shame that she could not avenge her.

After Setsuna was resurrected by Towa using the broken Tenseiga, Moroha was hugely relieved to see her alive once more and was filled with tears of joy as she told her that she's so glad she's come back to life.

Grandpa Higurashi

He is Moroha's maternal great-grandfather. He suspected Moroha was Kagome's daughter because of the resemblance between the two. He teaches Moroha taijutsu and he is proud of her for excelling in it within a short period of time. He then gives her a kappa foot as a token of good fortune, which she eagerly accepts (and the first of his family to really appreciate such things). The two have a friendly relationship.

Sōta Higurashi
Sōta: "When did she spend all this?!"
Moroha: "Your adorable niece just needed to do a little shopping."
Sōta: "(nervous laughing) Oh, yeah, really adorable."
―Sōta and Moroha[src]

Sōta is her maternal uncle. He was surprised from his mother that Moroha was Kagome's daughter as he lets her and Towa's twin sister to stay. After she went shopping, Sōta saw the backpack that reminds him of his sister until he was shocked by the receipts as she returned his credit card.



Moroha is indebted to Jyūbei, a yōkai corpse dealer. Moroha makes a living collecting parts of slain yōkai for him. He values her work, but still takes a hefty cut of the bounties she collects, going so far as to deny payment for the head of Tōkotsu when proof of his demise is scattered by Setsuna and Towa. Acknowledging her skill, he directs her towards other yōkai in need of slaying.


Takechiyo and Moroha have a business relationship as Takechiyo is Jyūbei's assistant, but unlike Jyūbei, they have a rocky relationship as they are shown constantly bickering and annoying each other, with Takechiyo even finding certain joy in Moroha being denied a bounty payment.

Although they both seem to annoy each other, there must be a sense of trust as Moroha felt comfortable enough to reveal her loneliness and harsh childhood surviving as a quarter dog-demon. However that all changed after getting help from her to reclaimed back his clan family from Shōgen Mamiana in Episode 35. The two see one another in a better light now, with Moroha even refusing her payment from him, saying her debt is manageable and that bounty hunting is her life now.


An ever-cautious traveling companion, Myōga now accompanies the granddaughter of his master, Tōga, and daughter of his master Inuyasha. He remains a fountain of knowledge to friend or foe, and thirsts as a flea yōkai would for payment. Moroha even refers to him as Grandpa Myōga.

He is overjoyed when Moroha makes use of his master's (delicious) blood, something that Inuyasha never considered. According to Myōga, despite her greatly thinned demonic blood, when Moroha goes full power her blood tastes similar to her demonic grandfather.


Yawaragi was Moroha's mentor. Moroha didn't particularly like Yawaragi because she wasn't nice to her, she sent her on dangerous trials, and she just sold her to pay off her debt. When Yawaragi challenges her to a fight, Moroha says she is not happy to see them again. However, she shows her enough respect to face her alone and to ask Setsuna and Towa not to interfere in this fight. When Yawaragi is killed, however, Moroha is sad and desperate, so she must have liked her a little after all. It is later revealed that Yawaragi was the closest thing Moroha had to a mother-figure, and was remorseful when she brought up her involvement in Yawaragi's scar and armor. In turn, Yawaragi claimed that Moroha was her favorite student, and despite being willing to fight her and sell her off to pay off her debts, she still cared for her in a way, being proud of her former pupil before dying.

Moroha: "Gah! Good evening! Or good morning. Eh, or whatever it is. Sleep well?"
Rion: "Thank you for coming all this way. I am Rion. Very pleased to meet you. May I ask your name?"
Moroha: "The name's Moroha. Nice to meet you."
Rion: "Miss Moroha."
―Moroha and Rion[src]

The daughter of her foe Kirinmaru, she first met with her as Rion woke up after the Dream Butterfly disappears on her face, and greets her before Towa and Setsuna. She asks her to take her away from Mount Musubi, but she sensed that Moroha possessed both demon powers and spirit powers. After she and Towa found Setsuna inside the Sacred Tree of Ages where their mother Rin is, she was surprised that Rion is Kirinmaru's daughter the one that she had just met.

After Rion gave Towa the Hoshikiri no Fue, she asked them to allow her to journey with them, Moroha answered sure, like they say, "Any trip worth taking's worth with friends." Even after learning she was the daughter of her greatest foe, she continued to treat Rion well.



A mighty qilin demon who initially went after her after his elder sister had provoked him with a prophecy concerning his predestined demise by a being like Moroha's hands, after the battle with Naraku and the disappearance of the Shikon Jewel 21 years ago. Moroha herself mainly fought his Four Perils upon the requests from Jyūbei for their bounties and showed no interest in killing him at first. However, after he had dispatched Setsuna, Moroha grew pure hatred over Kirinmaru to where she furiously vowed to kill him.



"With this rouge, I become Beniyasha, Destroyer of Lands. Tremble before the bloodthirsty dawn. Bear witness to your end if you so dare."
―Moroha, to her assailants[src]

"Come on, let's split the bounty three ways! We're buddies who traveled together to the modern era. From here on, we can help each other out."
―Moroha, being friendly towards her cousins[src]

"Is your nose just a bump on your face?"
―Moroha, on Towa's poor sense of smell[src]

"Damn you, you bunch of dummies! Your mama's a human!"
―Moroha, insulting Towa and Setsuna[src]

"I was just thinking that since we're cousins, I'd try to get along with them like relatives normally would. But then I get treated like that. And here I was, finally thinking that I'd made some new friends, since I've been all alone this whole time. Quarter-demons have it pretty rough if we're alone."
―Moroha, talking about her loneliness from being a quarter-demon.[src]

"I wonder who I am. I'm not a demon. I'm not a human. I'm not even a half-demon. There was no place for me, and I had nowhere to go. That's why I always ran around by myself and went about making all sorts of noise. I didn't know any other way to live. I feel like it's pure luck that I've survived up to this point. And I have to keep living as an incomplete quarter-demon."
―Moroha, reflecting on her own identity[src]

"Somehow before I knew it, these two were by my side. So...this is okay, right, Master Yawaragi?"
―Moroha, on her relationship with Towa and Setsuna[src]

"The only thing cute about you is your face!"
―Moroha insulting Setsuna about her cuteness[src]

"She's just like me when I've turned into Beniyasha."
―Moroha's reaction to Setsuna's rampage[src]

"What's going on? I've never felt like this before...  I feel so... so warm..."
―Moroha when being hugged by her father, Inuyasha before crying[src]

"I'm not letting it destroy the world my mom's from! No way!"


  • Moroha is the only known quarter-yōkai in the series.
  • The ends of her hair bow forming points is a visual callback to Inuyasha's dog ears.
  • She is the only member of the Higurashi family by blood to lack the surname, in fact due to being born and raised in the Feudal Era lacks a surname altogether.
  • Moroha bickering with her cousins is similar to how her father would pick fights with Kōga; though in a less violent matter, as unlike with Inuyasha and Kōga, Moroha openly considers her cousins to be her friends.
  • Unlike her paternal half-cousins, Moroha's Red Rainbow Pearl was not stored within her eye, but carried on her person within her paternal grandmother's shell compact.
  • According to Towa's seiyū, Sara Matsumoto, Moroha is represented by the flower Statice.
  • As seen and confirmed in Episode 15, she is a few months younger than her half-cousins Towa and Setsuna, which makes her the youngest Yashahime out of the trio. In the manga, this is reversed; Moroha was born before her cousins.
  • She is absent in Episode 20, making her the only one of the three main characters who doesn't appear in all 24 episodes of the first season.
  • In Animage's 43rd Anime Grand Prix, Moroha was ranked 16th for Best Female Character.


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