A small temple inside Mount Habaki.

Mount Habaki is a rural place where the God of Habaki lives. Like Myōga said after Inuyasha and the others succeeded in defeating Usuba, Mount Habaki is surrounded by other mountains.[1] The mountain holds a small temple where people worship a huge sacred stone. After Janis touched the stone and it broke into two, a tunnel that leaded to the underground was exposed.

After Inuyasha and the others found the yorishiro statue of God of Habaki, defeat the giant centipede who has been taken it as a nest for almost 30 years, and placed it in proper place, the God of Habaki regained consciousness from his dormancy of 500 years. The god mentioned that he was unable to help Janis remove the Shikon shards from her body because of the limited Kamuitama, and so he gave some advices for them to find Datara, the God of Storm.

At that exact moment, the mysterious monk, Sen, encountered Kikyō at the front of the temple. Sen disappeared after he said out his intention for her, leaving curious Kikyō behind.

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