Ms. Higurashi (ママ, "Mama") is the widowed mother of Kagome and Sōta Higurashi. She is very loving and caring, just as one would expect of a motherly/grandmotherly figure.


Upon falling for Mr. Higurashi, she had later argued with him and expressed misgivings at whether she was destined to be with him forever. Upon being under the Sacred Tree of Ages, she had felt strangely calm and accepted his proposal.[2] She was pregnant, went to Sōgō hospital, and gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Kagome, due to seeing a purplish light in the shape of a Kagome star.[2] Five years later, she gave birth to her son Sōta, some years after her husband had died in a car crash.[3][4]

During the Story

Initially, she did not believe her daughter's story of traveling five centuries into feudal Japan. She was, however, intrigued as seeing Inuyasha's canine ears and touched them exactly as Kagome had the first time to the annoyance of the half-demon, half-human time traveler.

Well Vanished

Sōta is horrified to see that the Bone-Eater's Well has disappeared, and calls for his mother and grandfather to hurry and come see. Ms. Higurashi and Grandpa Higurashi arrived and they shocked that the Bone-Eater's Well has disappeared and she was worried about Kagome. Ms. Higurashi curious that it sounds like Inuyasha, and Sōta agreed that's his voice. Inuyasha explains to them "Try not to worry. I promise you, I'm going to find her. Just hang on".[5]

Three days later after the Shikon no Tama disappeared, the well has been reappeared as Kagome was back with Inuyasha and a family reunion as they were worried about her.

Later Life

She attended of her eighteen-year-old daughter's graduation at high school. After that, she asked Kagome what was wrong and she along with her daughter saw the sky in the Bone-Eater's Well as she let her to live with Inuyasha in the Feudal Era. During those three years, she had shouted to the teenage Sōta and said that dinner was ready.[6]

Hanyō no Yashahime

Eighteen to fourteen years since being separated from he eighteen-year-old daughter, she had gained several streaks of white in her hair as she became a mother-in-law to Moe, and a loving grandmother to young Mei. She was eventually contacted by her grownup son who had showed her the four-year-old Towa, who was shouting out for Setsuna in the branches of the Sacred Tree of Ages. She had asked whether Sōta's hypothesis that the silver-white-haired child was from the feudal era.

As one whole decade passed, she came to love Towa, even though she was unsure she was Kagome and Inuyasha's' child. Upon meeting Moroha, she immediately recognized the very same look in the bounty hunter's brown eyes that Kagome always had, and expressed her theory to Sōta.


Little was known about her, except that she was always supportive of Kagome. Whenever Inuyasha dropped by, she would welcome him to stay and asked him to dine with the family. She was very lax about Kagome's life, and did not seem to mind at all that her daughter spent long periods of time with strangers in the distant past. How much of the situation she actually understood was debatable.

Her husband, the father of Kagome and Sōta, was never shown or seen in the series. He was only briefly mentioned in the first film, when she tried to encourage Kagome, sensing that the situation was dire on the other side of the well (she revealed he died in a car accident when Kagome and Sōta were young).[3]

Ms. Higurashi was very flexible with her daughter's situation, including her journey throughout the Feudal Era, her relationship with the hanyō named Inuyasha (who had a rough nature), her fights against deadly demons, and her quest to recover the Sacred Jewel.

Physical description

Ms. Higurashi is a young woman in her early forties with pale skin. She has short curly dark brown hair and brown eyes.

In Hanyō no Yashahime, she has gray streaks in her hair.




Kagome Higurashi

Ms. Higurashi and Kagome were rather close to one another, and she always seemed to know when something was wrong with her daughter. She was also often seen or talked about doing many things to make her daughter's life just a little bit easier. In the end, she let her daughter marry Inuyasha and spend her life in the Feudal Era so that she could be happy. She had a profound understanding of her daughter's feelings, to the point where she could instantly sense the mounting relationship between her daughter and her future son-in-law, Inuyasha, offering her emotional support to both of them whenever they needed it. Overall, Ms. Higurashi was very in tune with her daughter's emotional needs, doing whatever she could to ease Kagome's complicated lot in life.

Sōta Higurashi

Ms. Higurashi and Sōta did not spend as much time together as she and Kagome did, but it appears like Sōta could be described as a "mama's boy" when Ms. Higurashi lightly teased him for wetting the bed in the 3rd grade. They appeared to have a basic mother-son relationship, and loved each other very much.


Ms. Higurashi and Inuyasha seemed to get along very well, even though during their first meeting, she felt the need to play with his ears (much like Kagome the first time she saw him). She often treated him as if he were her own son, welcoming him for meals when he came to fetch Kagome, and providing her daughter with a plethora of medicine from the Modern Era to help treat his wounds. However, being no fool, she always ensured that Inuyasha kept his dog ears covered in the Modern Era to keep him from revealing his secret of being a hanyō to modern humans. She seemed to sense that he had been long without a mother and cared deeply for him as her daughter did. She could also probably sense that Kagome was in love with him and supported having him around so Kagome could be happy.

Grandpa Higurashi

Ms. Higurashi had a very good relationship with her late husband's father, she treated him as if he was her own father since his unfortunate demise from a car crash, calling him "Father" ever since.


She appeared to be very discerning, instantly recognizing the brash young quarter-demon as her granddaughter. She appears to adore Moroha, seeing a great deal of her beloved daughter and half dog-demon son-in-law in her, which she had later told her grownup son.

Towa Higurashi

She cares a great deal about her adoptive granddaughter, worrying for her safety during the thugs' assault on Higurashi shrine, even while being held captive.[7]


"Your ears. Are they real?"
―Ms. Higurashi is touching Inuyasha's ears.[src]

"You can use it for that friend of yours, the one with the cute ears."
―Ms. Higurashi[src]

"All I really want is for you two be happy."
―Ms. Higurashi[src]

"I won't ask you say what the problem is. But I have a lot of faith in you, Kagome. I know that as a young woman who will ultimately choose the path that you believe to be right."
―Ms. Higurashi[src]

Ms. Higurashi: "The sacred tree holds all our memories."
Sōta Higurashi: "It does?"
Ms. Higurashi: "It remembers when Kagome was born and when you were born Sōta. When you both started going to school and when you were first place in the school race. The times you were sick in bed with a high fever. This tree has lived through it all with us, in happy times and sad times. It has always been here to protect us."
―Ms. Higurashi explains to Sōta about memories of the sacred tree[src]

"Well, it might sound silly. But when you are born I saw something this shining on your chest. And a star like shape is known as a Kagome."
―Ms. Higurashi[src]

"You worked really hard. We are so proud of you."
―Ms. Higurashi[src]

Ms. Higurashi: "The girl in red, she looks like her."
Mei Higurashi: "Who Grammy? What do you mean?"
Ms. Higurashi: "That look in her's just like Kagome's."
―Ms. Higurashi recognizes that Moroha is the daughter of Kagome and Inuyasha[src]

"Moroha. If you see Kagome, please tell her I said hi."
―Ms. Higurashi, to her granddaughter when she returns to the Feudal Era[src]

Ms. Higurashi: "Oh! Why, if it isn't Mr. Kirin. If this is about Towa, you'll find Sōta over at his apartment."
Osamu: "Thank you, but no. I'm actually here today simply to pay my respects at the local shrine."
―Ms. Higurashi and Osamu Kirin[src]


Media appearances




InuYasha The Final Act

Hanyō no Yashahime


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