You are a demon born of the regrets of man.


Muotoko (無男, むおとこ, "The Nothing Man") was a yōkai born of the regrets of man.


He was summoned by Jaken to steal Inuyasha's Tessaiga. He stole various items from Inuyasha's friends while they were blinded by a fog bank. He returned to Jaken with other belongings from Inuyasha's gang, including their shards of the Shikon no Tama, and said that he didn't take the Tessaiga because it was a rusty blade. He lured Inuyasha's group to him with a smoke signal. As he attempted to steal the sword, he was repelled by Tessaiga's barrier. He returned all the things that he stole. Inuyasha's group made him promise not to steal again, or they would be forced to kill him.[1]


Muotoko likes to steal items from others if they have value. Shippō explains that the combined sadness and bitterness of man's losses during the dangerous times of the Feudal Era gave rise to the Nothing Man's birth.

Physical description

Muotoko is in the form of human with black hair that is tied back in a knot. He has a portly figure. He has pointed ears. His most distinguishable feature was that he has no face.


He wears a tattered gray hakama, a brown kosode with white patterns on it, and a sleeveless blue haori.

Powers & Abilities

  • Regeneration: He is able to restore his head after Jaken beats it up thoroughly.


  • His appearance and origin of existence is similar to the Mu-on'na. In addition, both serve Jaken at some point.


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