The Musashi Province (武蔵の国, むさしのくに, "Musashi no kuni") is a province of Japan during the Warring States period that is home to Kaede's village. The group often returns here when they need advice from Kaede or when Kagome Higurashi needs to use the well to return to her own time. Musashi was controlled by the Hōjō clan, which includes Akitoki Hōjō and his descendant Hōjō, one of Kagome's classmates. The area that makes up Musashi Province now comprises the entirety of Tokyo Metropolis and Saitama Prefecture, part of Chiba Prefecture, and the cities of Kawasaki and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture. Musashi bordered Kai, Kōzuke, Sagami, Shimōsa, and Shimotsuke Provinces.

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  • Although the story takes place in various parts of Japan, Musashi is one of the few real world locations in the series that can be precisely identified.
  • The series' setting in Musashi is established both directly and indirectly. Musashi is directly referenced by Tōtōsai when he is discussing the reality that if Ryūkotsusei were revived, he would pose an existential threat to the plains of Musashi. It is also indirectly reinforced by the fact that Kagome's hometown is Tōkyō, and the Bone-Eater's Well in her backyard leads to the forest outside Kaede's village, which means the village similarly lies within the borders of the future city of Tōkyō, which itself is contained entirely within the plains of Musashi.
  • Other real world locations besides Musashi appear in The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, most notably the famous Mt. Fuji. This is also an instance in which Akitoki Hōjō, whose family, the Hōjō clan, controls the plains of Musashi at this time in history, appears. Hōjō's proximity to both the main cast and the nearby Mt. Fuji, which seems to have a specific connection to Hōjō's family in both the film and the Naginata of Kenkon arc of the anime, further reinforces that much of the series occurs in and around Musashi.

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