Myōga (冥加みょうが, "Divine Protection") was a male flea yōkai who was a servant of Tōga until his death, and then acted as a servant for Inuyasha, providing him with information on current events, foes, and the shards of the Shikon no Tama. During the events of Hanyō no Yashahime, he acts as a servant to Inuyasha's daughter, Moroha.


After Tōga's battle with Ryūkotsusei, in the land of Kamakura, as he rushed to Izayoi's mansion, Myōga warned his master that his wounds from his battle with Ryūkotsusei have not yet healed, but Tōga said it doesn't matter and he can't afford to lose her and is "not long for this world" and Myōga cried "Master." After the death of Tōga and Izayoi's old guardsman the samurai Takemaru of Setsuna, his friend Tōtōsai arrived as Saya came out of his seal of the sheath of Sō'unga, Myōga cried in grief since he did place the Tessaiga in his master's domains located in the Border of the Afterlife and the path to it within the Black Pearl. He felt surprised that Tōtōsai gave the Tenseiga to their old friend Bokusenō that it's for Sesshōmaru, but it leaves one problem: Sō'unga. Myōga thinks that they can't give it Inuyasha, because he's just a baby. Saya suggested he'd hold the sword off quietly for 700 years, and tells them to place him along with the sword into the Bone-Eater's Well in the land of Musashi.[3]

Assigned to protect Tessaiga's hiding place in the grave of Inuyasha's father, he runs away when Sesshōmaru comes there in search of the sword, and goes to find Inuyasha who had reawakened from Kikyō's seal. It would take him 3 days to reach Kaede's village and he is accidentally squashed by Kagome's bicycle. As he finally reaches Inuyasha, he wastes no time in starting to suck his blood and greets him with his friend Kagome and Kaede.[4]

However, Sesshōmaru shows up at the village and uses a Mu-on'na on Inuyasha to locate the Tessaiga. Myōga allows Kagome who got involved to get free of her chains by sucking her blood, and both free Inuyasha from the Mu-on'na after explaining its origin to her. However, Sesshōmaru, having discovered the path to his father's grave, extracts the black pearl and goes through the portal with Jaken after activating it with the Nintōjō, so Myōga asks Inuyasha to quickly enter the portal to stop Sesshōmaru. Together with Kagome, they reach the Border to the Afterlife and as they enter the tomb of Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's father, he reveals that Sesshōmaru is after the treasured sword imbedded in his bones. After Sesshōmaru tries to pull out Tessaiga only for a barrier to reject him, Myōga asks Inuyasha to do so, claiming that he was meant to inherit the sword, although it is eventually Kagome who convinces him into it and ends up being the one pulling it out, much to everyone's surprise.[5] He runs away after Sesshōmaru transforms in his beast form, leaving Inuyasha to fight alone against the giant silver dog, and gets squashed by a victorious Inuyasha before everyone returns to the world of the living.[6]

Myōga would usually leave the group regularly to search the land for useful information, and often shows up again at unexpected moments. He'd run away if there is any danger and is always found somewhere where it is safest.

Broken Tessaiga and Ryūkotsusei

Having sensed the smell of Inuyasha's blood changed, Myōga came using Mō-Mō to check on him and as he feared, learns that the Tessaiga got broken by one of Naraku's incarnations: Goshinki. While Inuyasha takes Tessaiga to be fixed by Tōtōsai, he tells his friends that Tessaiga has a second purpose: constrain his demon blood which turns him into a mindless demon if he becomes close to death against an enemy.[7] He asked his friends not to tell Inuyasha about it for he feared that he would decide to transform and fight with his own claws instead of relying on a sword.

However, Inuyasha would learn the truth shortly after by losing himself to his demon blood against a demon named Gatenmaru, and when he demands to Tōtōsai a way to make his Tessaiga lighter, Myōga takes Inuyasha to Ryūkotsusei in the Valley of Ryūkotsusei where he points his father's claw that pierced him right above his heart to keep him sealed. He expected Inuyasha to simply pierce his heart while remaining sealed, however much to his panic, a demon puppet Naraku shows up and uses the miasma to melt the claw to unleash Ryūkotsusei against Inuyasha. He constantly advised Inuyasha to run away then uses his disrespectful remarks about his father as an excuse to run away, leaving Inuyasha to deal with Ryūkotsusei alone.[8]

Red Tessaiga

Inuyasha, desperately seeking a way to pass Naraku's barrier, traveled to meet Tōtōsai for advice, and Myōga learned how to strengthen Tessaiga and achieve the feat.[9]

Myōga informed Inuyasha he needed to travel to a specific island with Bat yōkais, who use a hanyō named Shiori to power their own protection barrier similar to Naraku's. Myōga informed Inuyasha he would find Taigokumaru there, and upon having Tessaiga drink his blood, it would be strong enough to break Naraku's barrier.[10]

After Inuyasha defeats Taigokumaru with Bakuryūha as they about to leave, Myōga tells Inuyasha he forgets something to slay, until they were surprised that Shiori gave the Blood Coral Crystal to smash it to pieces to strength his sword that makes Myōga an opportunity before the orb releases the demonic power.[11]

Band of Seven

Wondering why Inuyasha and his friends went far to the northeast, he rides on a crow to go check on them and finds Inuyasha’s friends in a temple, with Kagome, Miroku and Sango having been exposed to a deadly poison by a member of the resurrected Shichinintai named Mukotsu and all five have fallen asleep due an incense used by another member of the Shichinintai called Renkotsu who additionally set the temple on fire to kill them. He wakes Shippō up by sucking his blood, and later as Shippō and Inuyasha fall in despair as Kagome, Miroku and Sango no longer breath despite Shippō’s efforts to protect them from the fire, he tells Inuyasha to take the three to a safer area, where he sucks a lot of their bloods with the poison thus reanimates them then prepared a special medicine with poison snakes as ingredients to increase their blood levels and make them healthy again. Thereafter, having become fearful of the Shichinintai, he flees on the crow, much to the dismay of Inuyasha only since Kagome, Miroku and Sango are grateful to him.[12]

In search of the final Shikon Jewel shard

Inuyasha would ask him for a way to return to his father’s grave in order to get a sacred jewel shard before Naraku does, and despite disbelieving a shard to be in the Border of the Afterlife due to the fact that Kagome did not feel its presence the first time they had gone there, the old flea at Inuyasha’s insistence takes him and his friends to the creator of the black pearl named Hōsenki, only to learn that he passed away and his son cannot create a new one before 100 years. He then tries to dissuade Inuyasha to go to the Realm of Fire, as Naraku’s newest incarnation, Hakudōshi expected, only to be ignored, so he comes along and warns him that the guardians of the Gate of the Afterlife cannot be killed and can only be stopped when the gate is opened and gets closed again.

Later, he learns about Naraku being at Tekkei’s nest, and explains to Inuyasha’s group how she belongs to a group of birds from hell and is connected to the otherworld. After Naraku beheads Tekkei to release a river of demonic blood which would serve as the pathway to the Border of the Afterlife, Myōga tries in vain to dissuade Inuyasha and his friends to follow Naraku, warning them that they may not be able to go back. As soon as they get past through, they are attacked by huge diamond spears coming from the grave of Inuyasha’s father but make their way until the grave where they meet Hōsenki whom Myōga quickly recognizes and assures that Inuyasha is not his enemy. After Hōsenki reveals that he was the one who took the sacred jewel shard here as the shard requested, after Inuyasha came the first time, Myōga suggests Inuyasha to leave the shard but then becomes shocked as Hōsenki attacks Inuyasha, which is actually because of Naraku having corrupted Hōsenki through the shard, forcing Inuyasha to fight him resulting in taking damages until Naraku shows up to get the shard from a damaged Hōsenki. The situation improves however with Sesshōmaru arriving after passing through the Gate of the Afterlife, and Hōsenki coming back to his senses and offering to pass on his demon powers to Tessaiga, which causes Naraku to vanish leaving the shard behind, and Myōga thereafter tells Inuyasha’s group to follow Sesshōmaru in order to return to the world of the living.

Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga

As Inuyasha fights with Tōshū, Myōga encourages this Tōshū is a mere human, so taking Dakki's powers than fighting a demon for them.[13]

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Yakurōdokusen and Shishinki

He takes Inuyasha’s group to Yakurōdokusen to have Sango’s Hiraikotsu restored after suffering serious damages during a confrontation against a bone demon.[14] He remains with Inuyasha’s group and much to his shock, finds an old enemy of Tōga named Shishinki alive against Sesshōmaru. As he feared, Sesshōmaru learns that Tenseiga is actually a piece of Tessaiga that was cast out together with the technique Meidō Zangetsuha, and as Shishinki’s mockery over Sesshōmaru made the angry demon lose the will to use Tenseiga, Myōga tries to comfort him by saying that his father entrusted him Tenseiga because he counted on his strength to perfect it and following Shishinki’s demise, realizes something about Tōga’s true objective with the two swords and his sons.[15]

Later life

During the three-year epilogue, Myōga chooses to remain living with Tōtōsai.

Hanyō no Yashahime

When Inuyasha and Kagome went missing in the Border of the Afterlife, Myōga then goes to their daughter Moroha, to whom he continued acting as a servant, providing her and her cousins Towa and Setsuna, the daughters of Sesshōmaru, with information on current events, foes.


Myōga often flees before or during a battle, which the others recognize as a sign of pending danger; his mere presence in any area is enough to determine its safety. Myōga particularly enjoys drinking yōkai blood, and actually saves Inuyasha's life at one point by drinking a spider yōkai's venom out of his blood. He can save the others in a similar manner, but often gets squished for drinking their blood without permission. He is also good friends with Tōtōsai, and often spends time with him when he is not with Inuyasha's group.

Powers & Abilities

  • Blood Consumption: As a flea demon, Myōga drinks the blood of living creatures - human and yōkai. Often, he can break minor spells or influences by doing this, although he is still usually slapped on reflex when he does.
    • Size Manipulation: When sucking liquids to a large extent, his size greatly increases to that of a human child, which would recover before long.
    • Poison Digestion: Myōga has, when it is needed, sucked poison out of his allies, the poison he has drank appears to have no effect on him other than to make him slightly drunk.[16][17]
    • Potion Brewage: He can ingest poisons, mingle it in his body and then regurgitate it as an anti-toxin.
  • Enhanced Jumping: Myōga seems capable of jumping extremely high as shown when was able to he reached Miroku, who was high up in the air on Kirara.[18]
  • Enhanced Durability: Myōga's body is quite resilient as he has been slapped and flattened many times without sustaining any actual damage.
  • Information Gathering: Due to his small size and connections, Myōga can get information on just about anything he want whether by eavesdropping on people or hearing it from a friend.



Myōga faithfully served the Great Dog Demon for many years, serving as the voice of reason towards reckless actions. Myōga knows of almost all his secrets and the stories of the mighty battles he fought in. It appeared he had no problem with Myōga drinking his blood, which the flea demon said was delicious. Following his death during his fight with Takemaru, Myōga was brought to tears.


Myōga has known Inuyasha since the half-demon's birth, always addressing him as "Lord Inuyasha" as a sign of respect. However, Myōga has the habit of trying to suck his blood when they meet, only to be squashed. Just like with the Great Dog Demon, Myōga will often try to reason with Inuyasha, to keep him from performing reckless actions. Inuyasha tolerates Myōga for the advice he can give, but is constantly annoyed by his habit of running away from danger. Myōga is sort of a counterpart to Inuyasha of what Jaken is to Sesshōmaru- a knowledgeable and diminutive (in Myōga's case microscopic) servant who is devoted to his master, but constantly ill-treated. However, in Myōga's case at least some of it is deserved because he is much less loyal than Jaken (as he is a complete coward), although he does not suffer Jaken's constant death-threats from Sesshōmaru.


Myōga is an old acquaintance of the swordsmith, often being found hiding out from danger in the volcano the demon calls home. Tōtōsai often makes fun of Myōga for running away, but it seems both have a good bond of friendship between them. After the three year time skip at the end of the series, Tōtōsai continues to allow Myōga to live with him.


Kaede is the elderly priestess of her village as he fled from the stone tomb and came to see Inuyasha and warns that someone is looking for his father's tomb. In the movie Affections Touching Across Time, she and Myōga ride on Shippō as they hurried to Kagome, as Myōga knew that Kirara has the same spell, but then they stop as the Bone-Eater's Well has been covered up because of the Tree of Ages have awakened. Myōga have sniffed that it was Inuyasha and Kaede and Shippō followed him to the Sacred Tree of Ages and they saw him unconscious. After the defeat of Menōmaru and the destruction of the Tree of Ages, Myōga and Kaede are having a tea. After the defeat of the huge ogre from the stomach, Kaede asked how's Miroku doing, Sango tells her that he's still poisoned from the Saimyōshō as Myōga can't help him. As he probably tells her about that he's upset because he couldn't overcome the demonic aura of the Shikon Jewel shard.


Myōga knows Moroha is Inuyasha's daughter and addresses her as "Lady Moroha". It makes Myōga having served the Dog Demon Family for three generations. He enjoys her blood, which he finds more delicious than her father's.

Manga vs. Anime

  • In the anime series, he is engaged to another flea yōkai named Shōga, but continually runs from her to avoid the marriage. It is also stated that he has some perverted tendencies.[2]


  • Ironically, Myōga's name means divine protection, but as soon as he senses danger he flees (which has been witnessed throughout the series).
  • Although mostly for comical purposes, his body seems to be quite flexible or resilient as he can be slapped and flattened many times without sustaining actual damage.
  • Myōga has arthritis.[19]
  • Myōga is the only yōkai in the series so far to have regular human-shaped ears while other yōkai have pointy ones.
  • Myōga often gives vital information, but flees usually immediately afterwards most likely far away from the battle.
  • Having been a faithful companion of Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's father for many years and already appearing to be rather aged at that time, Myōga is one of the oldest characters in the series.
  • According to Rumiko Takahashi, Myōga has the potential ability to increase his size to 2 meters long while sucking in blood.[1]
  • Myōga is about 7 millimeters in height, slightly smaller than one of Inuyasha's Beads of Subjugation.[1]
  • Despite his servitude, it seems as though Myōga was absent much in Inuyasha's early life; however it could be due to the latter's harsh life and the flea demon never felt safe around him. It is understandable that the two crossed paths before (seeing how Inuyasha recognizes Myōga).
  • Myōga is similar in appearance and personality to Happosai from Rumiko Takahashi's previous series Ranma ½. Both of whom were voiced by Paul Dobson. Myōga's seiyū, Kenichi Otaga, also voiced several characters from Takahashi's previous series. They include Ataru's Father from Urusei Yatsura, and Genma Saotome from Ranma ½. Coincidentally, both Kappei Yamaguchi and Richard Ian Cox (Inuyasha's Japanese and English voices) voiced Genma's son, Ranma Saotome. Happosai and Myōga also share their Latin American voice actor, Daniel Abundis.

Media appearances




InuYasha The Final Act

Hanyō no Yashahime


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