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Now, Princess Half-Demon, let's waste no more time. You must tell us how you came here. I'm sure you must know. Tell us, what will happen to the Shogunate? What is the fate of our clan?

—Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo[src]

Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo is a supporting character in Hanyō no Yashahime.


Ogigayatsu is the kanrei (deputy shogun) of Kantō region, which in the present-day encompasses the capital of Tokyo and its seven surrounding prefectures, but during the Sengoku jidai is east of the capital Kyoto.

Following the theft and recovery of the sword Kikujūmonji from the kanrei's estate, Ogigayatsu interrogates the presumed thief. His adviser — familiar with the travels of Inuyasha and his time-traveling companion — informs him of Towa's own journey from the Reiwa era, presenting as evidence such modern-day artifacts as one of Kagome's old bicycle seats and a schoolbook (carelessly brought to the past by Moroha).[1]

Before he can obtain any further knowledge about events to come, Towa is freed by her companions. They also chase off Sōkyu, revealed to be the demon owl in disguise.[1]

In Episode 30, Aiya abducts Setsuna while Kin'u lures Hisui to his palace. It is not long before Ogigayatsu discovers what happened, and punishes Aiya for running away.

As the Yōkai taijiya have came, Ogigayatsu have discovered that a demon named Kirinmaru is going to plan for the Degenerate Age.

Physical Descriptions

He is a middle-aged man. He wears his mustache and hair in a samurai tail.


He is dressed as a nobleman of the time.


  • Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo's tea master. Hiiragi Danjo, a shogunate adviser from Kantō, obviously comes from the Ogigayatsu clan. In real Japanese history, the Ogigayatsu were a branch of the Uesugi clan, a notable samurai clan.

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