My soul is rancid to the core, yet it still holds value. Feast on my flesh; I must possess my former mobility, then the jewel will be mine, not to the mention the lovely maiden Kikyō. Feast on me, demons. Devour me! And in exchange, bestow me with your mobility and strength!







Name meaning

Demon Spider

Viz Manga


English TV


Biographical information


Destroyed by Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha




Bandit (Formerly)

Physical information





Eye color

Dark blue-green

Hair color

Dark black (Before being burned)

Skin color



Manga Debut

Chapter 65

InuYasha Anime

Episode 20

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Hiroshi Yanaka

English VA

Paul Dobson

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Onigumo (鬼蜘蛛, おにぐも, "Demon Spider") was a bandit who was rescued by the priestess named Kikyō. He fed his body to yōkai and ultimately became Naraku.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Onigumo was an evil bandit who gained his injuries in a fire that was caused by Rasetsu who set the building that he was in a blaze because Onigumo had betrayed him and taken his men. Rasetsu then had his men throw Onigumo off a cliff to finish him but he managed to survive.

Kikyō found him, nursed his injuries in a cave, and occasionally, Kikyō's younger sister, Kaede took care of him as well, even though she didn't like doing it. Onigumo originally had difficulties accepting Kikyō's kindness, and told her to forget about the bandit when she visited him, but Kikyō's kindness had also made Onigumo fall for her. Onigumo gave up his body to demons in order to regain his strength, mobility, and power.

Onigumo did that because he desired Kikyō and the Sacred Jewel for himself, while the demons did it because they wished to get rid of Kikyō and obtain the Sacred Jewel. That created the evil half-demon, Naraku who then immediately tricked Inuyasha and Kikyō into becoming enemies so he could have the sacred jewel for even more power than he already had. His deceit led to Kikyō's death and Inuyasha's sealing to the Tree of Ages.

Reborn Edit

When Naraku removed his human heart, he also removed Onigumo's soul in the process, which became Musō. Much later, Musō finally remembered about his past as a bandit and of his time with Kikyō within the cave. Musō was eventually absorbed by Naraku and became part of him again.

Final death Edit

In one of Naraku's final moments, after Inuyasha destroyed forever his body with Meidō Zangetsuha, leaving only his soul due the corrupted jewel, he recalled that Kagome had said the Jewel did not grant his real wish. Naraku'soul recalled that what he really wished for was Kikyō's love, but it seemed that it was not granted to him. Before Kagome's arrow had pierced the jewel, Naraku's soul commented that he wouldn't be able to go where Kikyō had gone. It was presumed that Onigumo's emotions had somehow surfaced within Naraku as he recalled his true wish, thus proving what Kikyō had once stated to Naraku was indeed true: "You've disguised yourself well, but you're still that fugitive human, and who you once were can never be erased".

Naraku's soul was sealed inside the Shikon Jewel after his purification from the material world. In the manga, although it is not directly explained, Naraku's soul was destroyed forever by Inuyasha when he cut the point of light in the darkness inside the Shikon Jewel with Meidō Zangetsuha, which was very clearly the key to kill Naraku and destroy the jewelry evil. In fact, with Inuyasha's attack at that very point, the purity of the Jewel called Naohi annihilated the evil corrupting presence within it, then the Jewel's shimmering and voice completely stopped.[1]

Instead, in the anime version, when Kagome wished for the Jewel to be destroyed, Naraku's soul was purified and went on to the afterlife. The Onigumo part of his soul seemed dominant at that point, and was finally at peace, where the demon half of Naraku's soul presumably separated from Onigumo and went to Hell.

Quotes Edit

Onigumo: "You, young lass.."
Kaede: "It's Kaede."
Onigumo: "Yes... Your sister possesses what is known as the Shikon Jewel, does she not?"
Kaede: "What would ye know about the jewel?"
Onigumo: "All who are wicked know of it, and pursue it."
Kaede: "Ye included?"
Onigumo: "I understand that the more evil the jewel absorbs, the more evil it becomes; outstanding."
Kaede: "My sister has it under her control, it won't be corrupted."
Onigumo: "Kikyō's manner is self righteous; for once I should like to see her apprehensive and frightened, that would bring me true pleasure."
―Kaede and Onigumo's chilling exchange[src]

Trivia Edit

  • Onigumo had a spider mark on his back, even before he became Naraku.
  • Onigumo (鬼蜘蛛) can also be translated as the Araneus ventricosus, a particular species of orb-weaving spider.
  • It was Naraku's actions that brought some sense of irony with Onigumo's words of how he would have liked to see Kikyō "apprehensive and frightened," a facial expression that was made as Naraku struck down Kikyō, as he was disguised as Inuyasha, though Musō, Onigumo's later reincarnated form, expressed a large amount of anger and regret as he recalled that bitter memory as Kikyō had died from such a mortal wound due to Naraku's miscalculation.
  • As Musō, while Onigumo did remember about the Shikon Jewel, he apparently did not seem to desire the jewel as much as he did with Kikyō, which implied that Onigumo saw the Shikon Jewel as merely a bonus and his main objective was Kikyō.
  • The way that Onigumo's irises were drawn made them look like they contained a dark spider web.

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References Edit

  1. Chapter 557, page 13. When Inuyasha jumps into the Meidō, we can see very clearly a light in the darkness which is beginning to make Naraku's web disappear.
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