The Panther tribe (豹猫族, へうねこぞく, Hyōnekozoku, "Leopard cat family") is made of panther demons and led by the Panther King. Members of the tribe include the Panther Devas (Tōran, Karan, Shunran and Shūran). The tribe members are either biped cats or are humanoid with cat ears, fangs, claws, and a tail. They will correct anyone who calls them a cat demon. Most of them wear ninja-like outfits.


Inu Yōkai
Daiyōkai TōgaSesshōmaruSesshōmaru's mother
Hanyō Inuyasha
Allies BokusenōHōsenkiKujakuMyōgaSayaSeitenTōtōsai
Enemies Hyōga clanMenōmaruNarakuPanther KingPanther tribeRyūkotsuseiShishinkiShitōshinTakemaru
Locations Stone tombTōga's tomb
Unique Items BakusaigaBlack PearlMeidō StoneRobe of the Fire-RatSō'ungaTenseigaTessaiga