The Pinwheel (風車, Kazaguruma, "Pinwheel") is the mystical object as it spins while the child-like demon spirit Akuru moves, and it stops, or it spins slowly, he stopped moving. Only it can open the time portals in one of the Windmill of Time's gears.

When the Grim Comet went through a time portal under Osamu Kirin's strong demonic power, it is burned and falls from the trunk of the Sacred Tree of Ages, unable to bring the girls back to the feudal era.

Physical description

Made of ancient mystical wood, it bares an appearance to an orange flower.


  • Time Control & Manipulation: Being directly connected with the infinitely powerful Windmill of Time, it seems to possess the unique ability to effect said windmill and all existing timelines by controlling the movements of said windmill to the whims of the pinwheel's holder. It is this precise ability that Kirinmaru desires to utilize in order to travel to and eradicate both it and the feudal era from the plane of existence, therefore bringing forth a irreversible Degenerate Age.
  • Portal Creation: By linking with the Windmill of Time, it opens a portal into any era the holder chooses by being placed on the center of the Sacred Tree of Ages trunk.

Additional Abilities

  • Healing: By spinning his pinwheel, Akuru can heal any individual that is out of haku/kon and revive them with ease.



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