Rōrō (老狼ろうよう, "Old Wolf"), a wolf yōkai, was the protector of the Wolf elder of the Northern Wolf Demon Tribe. He was killed defending the Wolf elder.


As a diversion to protect Ayame and the Wolf elder, Rōrō attracted many demons who fled from the mountains of the north to escape Kyōkotsu.

Rōrō found dying by Kōga

He was found dying by Kōga, who saved him from the demons. However, after telling Kōga, Ginta and Hakkaku of Kyōkotsu's attack, Rōrō died and was buried.

Manga vs. Anime

  • In the manga, Rōrō was simply a wolf demon that escaped from the mountains of the north due to Kyōkotsu.


  1. In the anime only


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