The Rainbow Pearls (にじいろしんじゅ, "Niji iro shinju") are seven powerful multicolored pearl-sized artifacts with immense demonic power and energy.


Moroha's pearl

The mystical red Pearl in Moroha's possession

These pearls appear to be in seven colors, hence why they are referred as "Rainbow" even though some colors are not of the seven seen in a rainbow:

  • Silver (銀, "Gin")
  • Gold (金, "Kin")
  • Red (赤, "Aka")
  • Orange (橙, "Daidai")
  • Green (緑, "Midori")
  • Blue (青い, "Aoi")
  • Purple (紫, "Murasaki")

Mystical Abilities and Effects

  • Time-Traveling Portal: This ability first activated when Towa's Silver Rainbow Pearl transported her to the modern era when she was a toddler. Years later, another portal to the modern era transported Setsuna, Moroha, and Mistress Three-Eyes. After defeating Mistress Three-Eyes, the pearls of the three heroines facilitated their return to the feudal era.
  • Demonic Power/Ability Augmentation: When Mistress Three-Eyes consumed the Red and Golden Rainbow Pearls, it greatly enhanced her offensive and defensive capabilities as it had for Yotsume.

Towa's Silver Rainbow pearl activates the Energy Blade

  • Activating the Energy Blade of Kikujūmonji: Using the Silver Rainbow Pearl, Towa can fully use the powers of Kikujūmonji, and form a blade of pure energy that extends from the broken sword.
  • Exorcism of Demonic Energy: In cases demonic possession, the Silver Rainbow Pearl allows Towa to separate the demonic entity from the victim, and grants direct attack to the demon without harming the host.
  • Demonic Energy Absorption: After being used by Yotsume, Kyuki used the power to drain the demonic power from the victims of the Dream-Gazing spell. Upon changing to her true form, Kyuki was able to swallow the power from Setsuna's attacks. Similarly, Towa was able to draw in the demonic energy from the wounds afflicted by demons/hybrids to make into her own.
  • Dream-Gazing: Yotsume had used the purple Pearl to gaze into the various dream-like memories of Moroha, Takechiyo and Towa in order to find out their flaws. This ability was completely ineffective against Setsuna, as her personal dreams and memories were take from her. Zero had cast it to successfully locate the young half-demon twins of Sesshōmaru ten years ago.
  • Summoning : Konton summoned a blue ogre for his shikigami via the blue Pearl.
  • Creating Demonic Shields: Konton uses the blue pearl to create a barrier of water.
  • Teleportation: In order to avoid destruction by Moroha's Crimson Backlash Wave, Konton used the blue pearl to escape Moroha's Kōryūha.
  • Probability Manipulation & Good Luck: Jyūbei used his green Rainbow Pearl to attract a horde of demon bounties than he ever had without. It gave him unusually good luck in his business.


All of their various abilities are proven to be completely ineffective whenever its half-demon holder temporarily loses her demon powers as their respective Pearl amplifies one's own strength, abilities and techniques tenfold, much less so than the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls, which could further develop and greatly augment one's strength and powers one hundredfold.

True Form

According to Konton, once all seven merge into one, they summon an even greater demonic power that is far too strong and very dangerous to even exist. As such it was divided into the seven multicolored pearls by none other than Lady Zero, who was distraught at losing Tōga. Their ultimate purpose is revealed in "Secret of the Rainbow Pearls."


Warring States Era

The seven Pearls created by Zero via the Sacred Jewel

After the demise of the Great Dog-Demon Tōga, a saddened Zero, who had affections for him, upon learning this decides to use the Shikon Jewel to seal her emotions, which creates the seven Rainbow Pearls.

In Episode 15, the Green Pearl is revealed to have been in Riku's possession for quite some time. And he briefly gave it along with Inuyasha's mother's rouge, which contains her tears of grief for her husband's death, to Hōsenki II, to create Black Pearl that can create a path to Tōga's resting place.

Setsuna and Towa receive their pearls from their father

Sometime after they were born, Towa and Setsuna each had a Rainbow Pearl - silver and golden, respectively - inserted one of their eyes by their father after he stole them from Joka. He claimed the Rainbow Pearls were actually Zero's tears.

Towa's Silver Rainbow pearl opens the time portal

When Towa and Setsuna were 4-years old, they were separated from each other in forest fire, setted up by Homura under Zero's command . While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa's silver Rainbow Pearl opened a a time portal that forcefully sent her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Sōta Higurashi, and his family.

The red pearl was previously owned by Tōkotsu, and was confiscated by Moroha after she slew him.

Throughout the Series

For 10 years since the twins' separation, Towa lived in the present with the Higurashi family, and Setsuna lived in the past with the Demon slayers, respectively.

Mistress Three-Eyes steals the Golden Rainbow pearl from Setsuna

Back in the past, the Demon Slayers Hisui, Kohaku and Setsuna cornered Moroha because they mistook her for a demon that is attacking the locals. However, real culprit Mistress Three-Eyes appeared and stole the red and gold Rainbow Pearls in Moroha and Setsuna's possession.

Setsuna and Moroha get their Rainbow Pearls back from Mistress-Three-Eyes

Suddenly, a portal opens, dragging Setsuna, Moroha, and the Mistress Three-Eyes to the present before Towa, who recognizes her long-lost beloved twin sister. Sensing the silver Rainbow Pearl in Towa's possession, Mistress Three-Eyes attacks Towa. Much to Towa's surprise, her sword breaks when she tries to slash Mistress Three-Eyes, but Towa manages to use the Silver Pearl's great power to convert the broken hilt into a light blue blade of pure demonic energy and damage Mistress Three-Eyes. Setsuna finishes her off with her weapon, allowing her and Moroha recover theirs.

Later it is revealed that Jyūbei currently possesses the Green pearl, which he received from Riku, which he returns to its former holder in "Trap of the Two Perils."

Setsuna and Towa get their Rainbow Pearls back from Kinka and Ginka

Noticing that both Towa and Setsuna carry Rainbow Pearls, Kinka and Ginka hold a truce so that they can steal them for themselves. The two possess Towa and Setsuna's bodies respectively, forcing them to fight each other until Setsuna uses some poison to expel them, but they end up running away with the pearls. The brothers report their feat to Joka, their clan's leader, who decides to absorb both while claiming the pearls for herself. After defeating Joka and after the deaths of both twins Kinka and Ginka, Towa and Setsuna regain their Rainbow Pearls.

Tōtetsu of the Four Perils has his strength amplified greatly by his orange Rainbow Pearl, which he talks to.

By Episode 21, Riku managed to get four pearls after defeating Tōtetsu by himself and by tricking Towa into giving it away to him, which she later regrets.

Known Possessors

Setsuna, Moroha and Towa possessing three Rainbow Pearls

About the Rainbow Pearls

Two Hundred and Twenty Three Years Ago

  • "These seven Rainbow Pearls contain my demon powers and the power of the Shikon Jewel."

Eighteen Years Ago

  • "Thank you for letting me borrow your Rainbow Pearl."

Fourteen Years Ago

  • "Rainbow Pearls, huh."
  • "Give those back! They are the jewels of the Ka Demon Tribe!"
  • "No. These are Zero's tears."

Present Day

  • "You have a Rainbow Pearl, too?"
  • "Give me back my red Pearl!"
  • "It's after the gold Pearl in my eye."
  • 'The silver Pearl is here, too! Give it to me!!"
  • "We'll give you the red, gold and silver Rainbow Pearls."
  • "The Rainbow Pearls you seek are escaping."
  • "Give me the Rainbow Pearls!!"
  • "We can't give you the Pearls anymore."
  • "The one to whom you bestowed the red Pearl."
  • "Not only did you steal my precious red Pearl and halving my power, but you've insulted me my showing off my body!!"
  • "I wonder how long I can wait until I have all seven Rainbow Pearls."
  • "The gold, silver and red Pearls will gather and I'll have four Pearls. I'll possess more demonic energy than Lord Kirinmaru."
  • "Is this a Rainbow Pearl?"
  • "Use this."
  • "A Rainbow Pearl? So he was using that."
  • "I had this Rainbow Pearl steal your demonic energy."
  • "My Rainbow Pearl absorbs all demon energy in this area."
  • "I'll be taking this, Princess."
  • "Are those not the Rainbow Pearls, the fabled treasure that is said to increase our Ka demon tribe's powers?"
  • "Anyway, we have to get the Rainbow Pearls they took from you."
  • "We have the Rainbow Pearls, the fabled treasure that is said to double our powers."
  • "I appalled you for stealing those."
  • "The Gold and silver Rainbow Pearls are mine!!"
  • "We got our Rainbow Pearls back."
  • "Here are the half-demons who possess Rainbow Pearls."
  • "Some mere half-demons have the Rainbow Pearls?"
  • "What about it, Rainbow Pearl?"
  • "The ones with the gold and silver Rainbow Pearls!!"
  • "This blue Rainbow Pearl was helpful."
  • "I'd like to return this to you."
  • "Are you done with it? The Rainbow Pearl has gotten me more bounties and it's allowed me to make big profits."
  • "Lord Kirinmaru's wish is that someone steal the Rainbow Pearls from the Half-Demon Princesses."
  • "The gold and silver Rainbow Pearls."
  • "The origin of the Rainbow Pearls?"
  • "All seven combined form an even greater power that should not exist. So Lady Zero had them scattered across the lands. For you to possess them simply spells disaster."
  • "That makes three."
  • " I will never give the Rainbow Pearls to anyone. As for the remaining four...I'll have them all."
  • "These Pearls were made on the night your grandfather, the Great Dog-Demon, passed away."


  • They are quite well-known as "the fabled treasure" throughout the Feudal Era.
  • When Towa and Setsuna's eye glows, their Pearl is in use and boosting their strength temporarily.
  • It's said that the Pearls were created from tears; the gold and silver from Zero's, who also had managed to divide an ancient and even greater demonic power into these multicolored pearls as it was far too dangerous to be used, meaning that once all seven Pearls are combined this forbidden supreme demonic power will be released.
  • For some reason, despite the numerous times the Pearls have been removed, they automatically return to Towa and Setsuna's eyes. Possibly because the pearls adapted to their bodies due to having been with them since birth. This explains as to why the red Pearl does not go into Moroha's eye after she had taken it for herself.
  • Like the Black Pearl, they were created from the tears of those who expressed great sorrow and grief. Zero had made the silver and gold Pearls.
  • The Rainbow Pearls share similarities with the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls:
    • They are both coveted by a female centipede demon who eventually manages to swallow them and magnify her strength when first introduced.
    • They are orbicular
    • They are capable of transcending time itself across five centuries into the distant future.
    • Both have split into smaller fragments that have been scattered all across the lands of the feudal era. The only difference is that there are only seven fragments; whereas the Sacred Jewel of Foul Souls had hundreds of shards that greatly strengthened and further empowered demons until it was finally resembled.
    • They can further develop and drastically enhance demonic power to higher levels, thus gaining new and even greater abilities and skills
      • In "Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru", Tōtetsu swallows his orange Pearl giving him greater demonic abilities; namely fire breath.
      • Konton reveals that it was Zero who had created the Rainbow Pearls by scattering them all across the lands; similarly to how the Shikon Jewel had been unintentionally broken into hundreds of purple-pink fragments and scattered all over the lands by Kagome Higurashi's arrow that had the demon-crow's foot attached, which was the actual cause of the break.
    • They are also pursued by both demons and humans to fulfill their own selfish wishes and desires for self-superiority.
    • Their ultimate purpose is finally revealed in "The Secret of the Rainbow Pearls."
  • The Gold and Silver pearls inside the right eye of Setsuna, and left eye of Towa, respectively, mirrors Inuyasha's right eye holding the Black Pearl that opened a portal to Border of the Afterlife that led to the tomb of Tōga.
  • They are quite similar to the seven mystical Rainbow Crystals in the first season of Sailor Moon- Both summon an ancient object of supreme mystical power once they are merged into one; the Rainbow Crystals ended up forming the all-powerful legendary Silver Crystal of the moon kingdom, Silver Millennium.
  • In Mermaid Melody, the mystical pearls of the mermaid princesses of the seas give them the ability to transform into idols are pink, blue, green, indigo, yellow, purple, and orange.

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