A sacred arrow imbues with Spiritual Power.

Reiryoku (霊力, れいりょく, "Spiritual power") is a set of abilities that draw power from the user's own spiritual energy. It is exclusive to humans. Usually, only specialized individuals can use such abilities, such as monks, priests and priestesses, and exorcists. Such people are capable of creating barriers and purifying demons by a variety of methods, such as sacred arrows or sacred sutras.

Many, if not most of all Yokai, are weak against this power due to its nature of purifying their demonic energy. However, some demons such as Miko fūji and Oni's head are capable of absorbing spiritual power from monks and priestesses alike to fuel their own power. Daiyokai such as Kaguya is even capable of utilizing the power herself, should she absorbs one.

Notable people with Spiritual PowerEdit

  • Kagome's spiritual power severs Mistress Centipede's arms
  • Kikyō - In life, Kikyō was one of the most powerful priestesses of her time and possessed great spiritual power. Because of this, she was entrusted with the task of purifying the Shikon no Tama. Although resurrected and left with only a portion of Kagome's soul, she was still capable of channeling and using it to great effect, but with limitation due to her clay body.
  • Kagome Higurashi - Being Kikyō's reincarnation, Kagome inherited great spiritual power from her predecessor but was unable to use it properly at the start of the story due to the Shikon no Tama sealing her power. She is capable of using it to purify Shikon shards, as well as imbuing it inside the arrow that she fires, dealing great damage against demons while also purifies the demonic energy and poisonous miasma. Later, after obtaining the bow of Mount Asuza, her spiritual power was greatly enhanced, and allowed her arrow to reach any target she has in mind, no matter how for or impossible the location is.
  • Miroku - Miroku's family line possessed great spiritual power, which trait also passed to him. He can put up a barrier either through his staff or with just concentration, is capable of using sealing sutras, and possibly can purify the Shikon shards tainted by the weaker demons that he obtained prior to joining with Inuyasha and co.
  • Hitomiko
  • Kanade - Lady Kanade was one of those responsible to defending the Horai Island, a sanctuary between human sand demons, from the outside world enemy. Her spiritual power is powerful, but limited against strong Daiyokai such as the Four War Gods. Nevertheless, she was able to seal the majority of four gods' power inside the comb box for centuries before it was broken by Kikyō's clone.
  • Hakushin
  • Midoriko