Remember this well, Towa. Your attack, the Azure Dragon Wave, was created by Sesshōmaru. But you have made it your own by giving the dragon twin heads. From this day forward, you shall call it the "Twin Azure Dragon Wave".

Kirinmaru to Towa[src]

Sōtō no Sōryūha (双頭の蒼竜破そうりゅうは, Twin Azure Dragon Wave, "Double-headed Blue Dragon Strike") is the improved form of Sesshōmaru's attack, Sōryūha that was used by Towa Higurashi. A powerful burst of yōki is released and takes the form of a two-headed dragon. It draws its energy directly from Towa, and varies in strength. She first utilizes this move against Kirinmaru after he had murdered Towa's twin sister, Setsuna. However was not enough to kill the Beast King of the Eastern Lands.

While Towa fights the Grim Comet, she still have the Sōtō no Sōryūha from the Kikujūmonji.[1]


  • The Beast King, Kirinmaru was the one who gave the enhanced move its name.
  • A green variant of the attack appeared in Kirinmaru of the Dawn from being infused with the Kyūyōkon Root's power.


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