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Sacred sutras are talismans created by priests and nuns, who use them to ward off and destroy yōkai, thought they are used to ward them off more-so than to defeat them. They come in various designs that serve a specific purpose. They can be placed on a person's dwelling to prevent yōkai from entering, as well as expelling those that have entered it.[1] They can also be used to trap a yōkai when their essence is inside a container (such as the Noh Mask).[2] Not all yōkai are affected by the same sutra.

The boar yōkai Chokyūkai was believed to be unaffected by regular sutras in the Japan due to him originating from the continent.[3] The effectiveness of the sutra usually depends on the power levels innate spiritual stature (Haku) of the one who is wielding it. Many monks and priestesses are seen wielding them, both with great effectiveness but with no any real damage or effect whatsoever as they are not as powerful as a sacred arrow.


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