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Heh... Guess that's what you get for bringing that child to the battlefield...

—Sakasa's last words to Kirinmaru[src]

Sakasa (逆叉, "Sakasa") is a character in Hanyō no Yashahime. He was the individual responsible for Rion's demise and Kirinmaru's resentment towards half-demons.


Long ago during a battle, his master tried to kill Kirinmaru by order of Emperor Daigo, only to be killed himself. Bent on avenging his master's death, Sakasa grabbed Kirinmaru's daughter Rion who was hiding behind her aunt Zero and held his sword to her neck, but Kirinmaru effortlessly decapitated him, believing he had slain him. However since he was a half-demon, he could still control his headless body and commanded it to stab Rion through the chest, killing her. He smiled with satisfaction, saying this is what he gets for bringing a kid into the battlefield before being vaporized by an angry Kirinmaru.

An image of his would be utilized by the remnants of Osamu Kirin in order to psychologically torture his "daughter" Rion into needing him for protection. With Towa's and everyone's encouragement, Rion would find the courage to face her demons and utilize the Zanseiken to destroy the illusion along with Osamu for good.

Physical Description

Sakasa is visibly taller than Rion, over a head taller than the young Qilin daiyokai girl. He bears a passing resemblance to the mercenary Bankotsu, although whether his tanned skin is from his human parent or his yokai parent is unknown. He has short cyan hair and brown eyes.


From what little has been seen of his personality, Sakasa is vengeful, sadistic and downright dishonorable. His grudge towards Kirinmaru for having killed his master was such that he took Rion hostage, despite the fact she had nothing to do with his master's death. Even as he was easily killed by Kirinmaru, Sakasa was defiant and had his body kill Rion out of spite, with unrepentant glee. His cruelty was so accentuated that Rion would be left traumatized by his final actions, while Kirinmaru grew disgusted with all half-demons. Osamu Kirin later took the form of Sakasa, terrifying Rion immensely.


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