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Sankon Tessō (さんこんてっそう, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, "Soul-Scattering Iron Claws") was Inuyasha's signature attack. It was his choice of attack before he obtained Tessaiga. By channeling his yōki through his claws, Inuyasha could increase their range and strength to cut through objects deeper than otherwise possible, allowing him to destroy weaker yōkai many times his size in one hit. Despite being Inuyasha's most rudimentary attack, it was still strong enough to destroy weaker yōkai even if they are enhanced by the Shikon no Tama, as shown when he easily disposed of Mistress Centipede. His full-powered Sankon Tessō was at least strong enough to tear apart a steel I-beam,[1] indicating that his claws in this state could exert in excess of three-thousand pounds of force at bare minimum. In his yōkai form, his Sankon Tessō became crimson-colored, and was strong enough to cut through the hide of Ryūkotsusei, who was able to withstand a direct hit from the Kaze no Kizu.

Moroha is able to use this attack with or without accessing her full demonic power, although her demonic energy is too weak to even wound Towa (who is a quarter more demon than her) in her base state.